Tarek al Sayed and others

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Tarek al Sayed and others
Case no no. 5417 year 2015 al Riyad administrative registered no. 4542 year 2016 Kafr al Sheikh center misdemeanor
Case year 2015
Court Kafr al Sheikh misdemeanor court
Department Non accessible
First degree judges Non accessible
Second degree judges Non accessible
no. of defendants 18
Name of defendant 1. Tarek El Sayed Mohamed Ahmed

2. Abdul Fadil Ali to Maloum Ali

3. Khalid Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Fathallah

4. Metwally Hassan Mohammed Shaaban

5. Ahmed Mohamed Youssef

6. Khaled Abdel Wadood Ibrahim Motawe

7. Yusri Ibrahim Yassin Abu El-Ezz

8. Mohamed El Sayed Abdel Hamid Bassiouni

9. Salah Sabri Hafez Omran

10. Mo’men Mohammed Abdul-Khaliq Mustafa

11. Anas Mohammed Abdul-Khaliq Mustafa

12. Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa Bayoumi

13. Islam Azab Abdel Halim Azab El Sayed

14. Abdel Halim Azab Abdel Halim Azab

15. Sameh Mohammed Ali Abu al-Daraj

16. Omar Abdelkawi Mohamed Morsi

17. Azab Abdel Halim Azab

18. Farid Al-Sayed Abdul-Ati

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Promoting to change the constitution principles and destroy the basic orders

demonstrating with violation  of security and public order

gathering to commit a crime or affect authorities

Accusation articles A 98 B of Penal Code

A 19 of demonstration law

A 2 of gathering law

First degree verdict date 20th July 2016
First degree verdict Six months in prison and a bail 500 L.E.
Second degree verdict date Non
Second degree verdict Non
Case file Non