Military crime 174

Type Military
Public title Military crime 174
Case no. no. 174 year 2015 military crimes
Case year 2015
Court Military West Cairo Criminal Court
no. of defendants 28
Names of defendants 1. Abdullah Nooruddin Ibrahim Mousi

2. Ahmed Abdel Basset Mohammed Mohamed

3. Ahmed Amin Ghazali Amin

4. Abdul Basir Abdul Raouf Abdul Mawli

5. Mohammed Fawzi Abdel-Jawad Mahmoud

6. Reda Moatamad Fahmi Abdel Moneim

7. Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed Mohammed

8. Mahmoud Al-Sharif Mahmoud Abdul-Jawad

9. Suhaib Saad Mohammed Mohammed

10. Khaled Ahmed Mustafa Al-Saghir

11. Ahmed Magdy Sayed Naji

12. Omar Mohammed Ali Mohammed

13. Abdullah Kamal Hassan Mahdi

14. Ahmed Mohammed Suleiman Ibrahim

15. Mustafa Ahmed Amin Ahmed Mohammed

16. Hassan Abdul Ghaffar Al Sayed Abdul Gawad

17. Ahmed Saad Ismail Ahmed Alshimi

18. Khaled Jamal Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Aziz

19. Islam Abdul Sattar Jaber Mousi

20. Abdel Rahim Mabrouk El Sawy Said

21. Abdullah Subhi Abu Qasim Hussein

22. Hashim Mohammed Al-Saeed Abdul Khaliq

23. Abdel Rahman Ahmed Mohammed Al-Bayli

24. Mohammed Mohsen Mahmoud Mohammed

25. Yasser Ali Mohammed Ibrahim

26. Ihab Amin Abdel Latif El Sayed

27. Essam Hassanein Mousi Shehata

28. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Mohamed Mahmoud

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations – Founding a group contrary to law

– Acquisition of guns or ammunitions without license

– Subversion of buildings and public properties

Accusation articles A 86bis of Penal Code

A 26 of weapons and ammunitions law

Verdict date 29th May 2016
Verdict – From the first to the eight defendants to be executed by hanging

– From the ninth to the twentieth life time prison

– from the twenty first to the twenty sixth a 15 years prison

– acquittal of the rest