Pulic Title for the case: Leaders of Trade Bank against Assem Abdul Moeti and al Badil journalists

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Leaders of Trade Bank against Assem Abdul Moeti and al Badil journalists
Case no. no. 23365 year 2013 al Bassatin misdemeanor
Case year 2013
Court Al Bassatin Misdemeanor Court
First degree judges President: Sherif Seif al Nasr
Judges of second degree court non
no. of accused 6
Defendants Mohamed al Ashwal Sayed

Mohamed Ziad Mohamed

Mohamed al Sabban Ali

Mahmoud Lotfi al Saqqa

Assem Abdul Moeti Solieman

Mohamed Ali Rizk

Adverse and representation Nader Assaad Ibrahim al Hadidi, civil right prosecutor
Accusations Defaming through publishing
Articles of accusations
Date of first degree verdict 19th March 2014
Verdict The court ruled of rejection of the criminal and civil lawsuit because it was filed in deviation of law, obliging the civil right prosecutor to pay the expenses and 50 L.E. for lawyers fees
Second degree verdict date (appeal) Non
Second degree verdict (appeal) Non


The adverse is an employee in the International Trade Bank as he filed a direct misdemeanor lawsuit against the defendants accusing them of defaming and insulting the head of board of trustees of the Trade Bank and employees in it through publishing an article on al Badil website with headline “A Warning to the Central Bank Governor” accusing the leaders of the Bank of abusing public money and covering up for non ethical acts and moral deviation inside the bank.