Setting fire on election headquarters of Ahmed Shafiq

Type Felony
Public title setting fire on election headquarters of Ahmed Shafiq
Case number Number 3303 year 2013 al Dokki crimes registered under no. 130 year 2013 inclusive north al Giza
Case year 2013
Court Al Giza crime court
Department Dep. 17 al Giza crimes
First degree judges Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed

Abdul Hamid Kamel

Ahmed Aziz al Fiqi

First appeal judges Non accessible
Number of accused 12
Defendants 1 – Bahaa Abdul Azim Ali Bastawisi

Sultan Faris Mahmoud Abdel Halim

3 – Alaa Ahmed Saif al-Islam Abdel-Fattah

4- Mona Ahmed Saif Al-Islam Abdel-Fattah

5 – Yehia Wahid Ali Saleh

6 – Ahmed Abdullah Abu Ala Abdullah

7. Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Qadi

8- Mohamed Mohamed El Masry

9 – Ihab Mustafa Hassan Ammar

10- Amira Ashraf Sayed Al-Shahat

11. Sabria Ahmad Abdullah

12. Ahmed Sultan Abu Al-Majd

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations All accused: Participation in a gathering of more than five persons resulted in:

1 – Putting fire deliberately in a building that is not inhabited or prepared for housing.

2 – stealing money belong to the former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq

3 – deliberately destroy properties

4. Parading force and threatening with the use of violence

Accusation articles 304/2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and articles 32, 45, 46, 252/1, 275 bis.1-2 of the Penal Code
First attended verdict 5th January 2014
Verdict The court ruled

First: To punish the accused Bahaa Abdel Azim Ali, Alaa Ahmed Seif El Islam, Mona Ahmed Saif El Islam, Yahya Waheed Ali Saleh, Ahmed Abdullah Aboul Ela and in absentia by punishing the defendants Sultan Fares Mahmoud Abdel Halim, Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed El Qadi, Mohamed Mohamed El Masry, Ihab Mostafa Hassan Ammar Amira Ashraf Al-Shehhat, Sabria Ahmad Abdullah known as Mona Wafa and Ahmed Sultan Abu Al-Majd were sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to suspend the sentence for three years from the date of the verdict.

Second: The expiry of the criminal case for all those accused after conciliation on charges of intentional destruction

Thirdly: All defendants are acquitted of the charge of theft