The fourth memory of Mohamed Mahmoud incidents case

Type Misdemeanor
Public title The fourth memory of Mohamed Mahmoud incidents case
Case number Number 12182 year 2015 Abdin misdemeanor

registered under no. 4999 year 2015 Abdin appellant misdemeanor

registered no. year contesting misdemeanor

Case year 2015
Court Abdin Court

South Cairo Court

Judiciary department Abdin misdemeanor dep. 8 partial

appellant misdemeanor central Cairo Wednesday dep.

Judges of Abdin misdemeanor court Wael Khedr
Judges of appellant misdemeanor Mohamed Sobhi

Ali Sharaf al Din

Ibrahim Abu al Makarem

Number of accused 5
Names of accused 1 – Karim Khaled Fathi Abdul Tawab

2 – Ahmed Mohammed Saeed Fathi

3- Mustafa Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed

4 – Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mohammed Ibrahim

5 – Jamila Ahmed Mahmoud Sari Eddin

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations 1 – Participation and others unknown in a demonstration without notice.

2 – Participation and others unknown in a gathering of more than five people

Articles of accusations 1, 4, 7, 8, 19 and 21 of the Presidential Decree No. 107 of 2013 concerning the organization of the right to public meetings, processions and peaceful demonstrations.

The first article of Law No. 10 of 1914, amended by Law No. 87 of 1968 concerning the gathering

Date of first degree verdict of Abdin misdemeanor  court 19th November 2015
Verdict All defendants are to be held in custody for each accused for two years and in effect on the two associated charges, confiscation and expenses.
Appellant misdemeanor of Abdin verdict date 27th January 2016
Verdict Acceptance of appeal in form and its rejection in subject and support of the appealed sentence and expenses
Rule of court of cassation The date of session is not set yet
Presidential Pardon On March 13, 2017 Presidential Decree No. 119 of 2017 issued presidential amnesty for amnesty for the original penalty or what remains of it and for the sentence imposed on the defendants in the case, within the number of 203 sentenced.
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