Akram Ismail Mohamed case

Type Disciplinary
Case public title Akram Ismail Mohamed
Case number Number 224 judiciary year 57
Case year 2015
Names of referred personnels Akram Ismail Mohamed
Adverse Administrative prosecution
Accusations Infringement by inappropriate words on his teammates working members of under 18 band in al balloon theater
Articles of accusations 80 and 82/4 of the Civil Servants Act of the State promulgated by Law No. 47 of 1978 and Article 14 of Law No. 117 of 1958 concerning the reorganization of the Administrative Prosecution for the disciplinary trials, amended by Law 171 of 1981, 12 of 1989 and the first article of Law No. 19 of 1959 The Law of the Administrative Prosecution and the Disciplinary Trials on Employees of Public Bodies and Institutions and its Amendments and articles 15 / I, 19/1 of the Law of the State Council promulgated by Law No. 47 of 1972 and its amendments
Court State Council – disciplinary court
Department Department of Education and its annexes
Judges of the first degree 1- Ahmed Mohamed Nader Abdullatif

2- Walid Abdul Aziz al Sayed Ahmed Youssef

3- Amr Abbas Ismail al Gohari

First degree verdict date 31st October 2015
Verdict The court acquitted the defendant of the charges against him
Judges of the supreme administrative court No appeal
Date of the supreme administrative court verdict No appeal
Verdict No appeal