Espionage with Hamas Case

Type Felony
Case public title Espionage with Hamas
Case number Number 56458 year 2013 Madenit Nassr I felony 2925 year 2013 inclusive east Cairo 371 year 2013 exclusive State Security 124 year 2013 state security crimes
Case year 2013
Court Cairo Criminal Court
Judiciary department Dep. 15 North Cairo crimes – terrorism
First degree judges Shaaban Al Shami

Yasser al Ahmadawi

Nasser Barbari

First appeal judges Ossama Tawfik Abdul Hadi

Magdi Abdul Halim

Youssef Qaid

Ihab Ali Khalif

Ayman Abu Alam

Judges of repeated trial Mohamed Sherin Fahmi

Essam Abu Al Ela

Hassan al Sayes

Number of accused 36
Accused names 1) Mohammed Badie Abdul Majid Sami

2) Mohammed Khairat Saad Abdul Latif Al – Shater

3) Mohammed Mohammed Morsi Issa Al Ayat

4) Mohammed Saad Tawfiq Alkatatni

5) Essam El Din Mohamed Hussein El Erian

6.Al Sayed Mahmoud Ezzat Ibrahim Issa

7- Mohammed Mohammed Ibrahim El – Beltagy

8- Saad Asmat Mohammed Al – Husseini

Hazem Mohammed Farouk Abdul Khaliq

10) Essam Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Haddad

11) Mohie Hamed Mohamed El Sayed

12) Metwalli Salah al-Din Abdel-Maksoud Metwally

13) Ayman Ali Sayed Ahmed

14) Safwa Hamouda Hijazi

15) Ammar Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed

Khaled Saad Hussein Mohammed

17) Ahmed Rajab Rajab Suleiman

18) Hassan Mohammed Khairat Saad Abdul Latif

19) Jihad Essam Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Haddad

Assam Sayed Shalaby

21) Abu Bakr Hamdi Kamal Mashali

22) Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hakim

23) Farid Ismail Abdel Halim Khalil

24) Eid Mohamed Ismail Dahrouj

25) Ibrahim Khalil Mohammed Khalil Al-Darawi

26) Reda Fahmi Mohammed Khalil

27) Kamal El Sayed Mohamed El Sayed

28) Mohammed Osama Mohammed Colonel

29) Sami Amin Hussein Al Sayed

30) Khalil Osama Mohammed al-Qaid

31) Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Ati

32) Hussein Mahmoud al-Qazzaz

33) Imad al-Din Ali Atwa

Ibrahim Farouk Mohammed Al – Zayat

35) Mohamed Fathi Refaa El Tahtawy

36) Asaad Mohammed Ahmed Sheikha

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations First:

Accused from the first to thirty:

Spying for Hamas.


Accused from thirty-first to thirty-four:

Subscribe to the spy crime


Accused from the first to thirty-fourth:

Committing crimes.


Third, tenth, eleventh, thirty-first, thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth:


1. Disclosing a secret of the secrets of defending the country.


2- Disclosure of the contents of the confidential reports issued by the Presidency of the Republic.



The accused from the first to the eighth and from the thirty-first to the thirty-fourth:


Take over the leadership of a group established contrary to the provisions of the law.



The First, Twelfth and Thirty-Fourth Accused:

Supply a group established contrary to the provisions of the law with money and weapons.



The accused are from the ninth to the thirteenth and from the fifteenth to the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth:

Joining a group was established contrary to the provisions of the law


The accused are the fifteenth, twenty-first, twenty-second and twenty-fifth to thirty:

1. Joining terrorist organizations outside the country

2 – infiltration into the country by illegal way

Articles of accusations Articles II / II, II, 40 / II, III, 41/1, 77, 80, 80B, 83A.1, 85/1, 4, 85A / 1, B, 86 bis and 86b bis of the Penal Code.

Article 2/2 of the Presidential Decree No. 298 of 1995 concerning the securing of the eastern borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

First attended verdict 16the June 2015
First attended verdict The court ruled:

First: Attend:

1 – Punishing each of the defendants Mohammed Khairat Saad Abdul Latif Al-Shater, Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Abdul Ati, Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim El-Beltagy to be hanged to death.


2 – Punishing each of the defendants Mohammed Badie Abdul Majeed Sami, Mohammed Mohammed Morsi Issa Al Ayat, Mohamed Saad Tawfiq Al Ketatni, Essam Al Din Al Hussein Al Arian, Saad Asmat Mohammed Al Husseini, Hazem Mohammed Farouk Abdul Khaleq, Issam Ahmed Mahmoud Al Haddad, Mohi Hamed Mohammed Al Sayed, Ayman Ali Sayed Ahmed, Safwa Hamouda Hijazi Ramadan, Khaled Saad Hassanein Mohammed, Jihad Essam Ahmed Mahmoud Haddad, Eid Mohamed Ismail Dahrouj, Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim Daraoui, Kamal Sayed Mohamed Sayed, Sami Amin Hussein al-Sayed, Khalil Osama Mohammed Mohammed al-Qaid to life imprisonment.


3 – Punishing each of the accused Mohammed Fathi Refa’a Tahtawi, Asaad Mohammed Ahmed Sheikha to seven years imprisonment.


Second: In absentia:


Punishment of each of the accused Al Sayed Mahmoud Izzat Ibrahim, Metwalli Salaheddin Abdel Maqsoud, Ammar Ahmed Mohammed Mohamed Fayed, Ahmed Rajab Rajab Sulaiman, Hassan Mohammed Khairat Shater, Sondos Asim Sayed Shalabi, Abu Bakr Hamdi Kamal Mashali, Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Al-Hakim, Reda Fahmi Mohammed Khalil, Mohammed Osama Mohammed al Aqeed, Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud al-Qazzaz, Imad al-Din Ali Atwa Shahin, Ibrahim Farouk Mohammed al-Zayyat to be hanged to death.


Third: The criminal prosecution of the accused / Farid Ismail Abdel Halim Qandil for his death.


Fourthly: the confiscation of the seizures and the obligation of those convicted of criminal expenses.


Fifth: Not to accept the civil lawsuit filed by the Doaa Mohammed Rashad to lift it from a non-status and committee her to expenses and two hundred pounds against the fees of lawyers.

Notes The case is being heard by the Cairo Criminal Court following its return from the Court of Cassation