Incursion into Egyptian prisons

Type Felony
Case public title Incursion into Egyptian prisons
Case number The crimes of the first Nasr City and restricted by the number 2926 for the year 2013 East Cairo

Which is bound by the Court of Cassation by appeal No. 50732 for the year 85 judicial

Case year 2013
Court Cairo Criminal Court
Judiciary department Department no. 15 north Cairo Felony
Judgess Shaaban al Shami

Yasser al Ahmadawi

Nasser Barbary

First appeal judges Al Said Mohamed Barghouth

Mohamed Sami Ibrahim

Abed Rashed

Ahmed Mahmoud Shaltout

Walid Adel

Repeating trial judges Mohamed Sherin Fahmi

Abu al Nassr Mohamed Othman

Mostafa Hassan al Sayes

Number of accused 129
Names of defendants 1) Mohamed Ahmed Mousa

2) Hussam Abdullah Ibrahim

3) Ayed Abd Rabo Khalil

4) Abdul Aziz Subhi Ahmed

5) Ahmed Issa Ali

6) Ahmed Ghazi Ahmed

7) Osama Fathi Ali

8) Anis Hussein Mansour

9) Issa Zuhair Issa

10) Said Samir Said

11) Shadi Hassan Ibrahim

12) Mustafa Nahed Mustafa

13) Naim Awad Al-Abd

14) Haroun Jamal Abdul Rahman

15) Walid Adel Khalil

16) Bilal Ismail Mohammed

17) Tawfiq Khamis Hamed

18) Gumaa Salem Jumaa

19) Hafez Abdel Naim Mohammed

20) Raed Mohammed Hassan

21) Rami Hassan Ali

22) Ramzi Zohdi Shehdeh

23) Sami Fayez Ahmed

24) Nael Atta Abu Obaid

25) Mohammed Samir Abu Libda

26) Bilal Fathi Abu Fakhr

27) Wissam Ali al-Khatib

28) Ahmed Yassin Rasres

29) Abdel Nasser Yassin Rasres

30) Bashir Ahmed Meshaal

31) Mohammed Musa Abu Hamid

32) Ramy Shawky Mansour

33) Mohammed Khalil Shabana

34) Nasser Fathi Abu Bakr

35) Hassan Salama

36) Faisal Guma Abu Shaloot

37) Tayseer Abu Sneima

38) Mohammed Al-Salawi

39) Ramy Ayach

40) Adham Abu Rila

41) Saadallah Abu Al-Omreen

42) Said Mohammed Ali

43) Mohamed Fayek Gouda

44) Zakaria Mahmoud Al-Naggar

45) Ayad Sabri Abdel Hadi

46) Mohammed Abdul Magid al-Maghazi

47) Riad Mahmoud Bahloul

48) Bassel Ibrahim Derby

49) Nasser Khalil Mansour

50) Mohammed Suhail Badawi

51) Mahmoud Rashad Kamal

52) Raef Gamal Abu Hashim

53) Mohammed Lotfi Abu Obeid

54) Nidal Sami al-Bilbisi

55) Mahmoud Fadl Hussein

56) Ashraf Abdel Hamid Homs

57) Mohamed Khalil Abushwaini

58) Mohamed Jamal Abou El Fooli

59) Ali Ibrahim Homs

60) Rami Ahmed Khair Allah

61) Ahmed Fayez Abu Hasna

62) Salah al-Attar

63) Mohammed Gamee Mohsen

64) Mohammed Fathi Abu Fakhr

65) Ayman Mahmoud Khalil

66) Akram Khalil Gabr

67) Khamis Abu Al-Nour

68) Akram al Hayya

69) Raed Attar

70) Abdulrahman Dawood Sayed

71) Adel Mustafa Hamdan

72) Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud

73) Ibrahim Mustafa Ibrahim

74) Al Sayed Abdel-Dayem Ibrahim

75) Mohammed Badia Abdul Magid

76) Rashad Ali Bayoumi

77) Safwa Hamouda Higazi

78. Al Sayed Mahmoud Ezzat

79) Mohie Hamed Mohammed

80) Mohamed Saad Tawfiq

81) Mohamed Mohamed Morsi

82) Essam El Din Mohamed Hussein

83) Ahmed Abu Mashhour

84) Saad Esmat Mohammed

85) Mustafa Taher Ali

86) Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed

87) Ahmed Ali Ali

88) Magid Hassan Hassan

89) Ahmed Rami Abdel Moneim

90) Abdul Ghaffar Salehin Abdul Bari

91) Ahmed Abdel Wahab Ali

92) Mohamed Hassan Mohamed

93) Al Sayed Hassan Shihabuddin

94) Mohsen Yousef Al-Sayed

95) Nasser Salim Salem

96) Sobhi Saleh Mousa

97) Hamdy Hassan Ali

98) Yahya Saad Farhan

99) Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud

100) Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahman

101) Ayman Mohamed Hassan

102) Abdel Moneim Mohamed Amin

103) Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed

104) Ahmed Ahmed Ali

105) Ragab Abdul Rahim Metwally

106) Emad Shams El-Din Mohamed

107) Ahmed Ibrahim Bayoumi

108) Al Sayed Al-Treili Mohamed

109) Hassan Ali Abu Shisha

110) Ragab Mohamed Mohamed

111) Ali Izz al-Din Thabet

112) Hazem Mohamed Farouk

113) Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim

114) Yousef Abdullah Ali

115) Metwalli Salah al-Din Abdel-Maqsoud

116) Ibrahim Ibrahim Abu Auf

117) Osama Saad Hassan

118) Kamal Allam Mohamed

119) Ahmed Zayed Abdel-Al

Ramzi Mawafi

121) Yousry Abdel Moneim

122) Mohammed Ramadan al Far

123) Mu’tasim Walid al-Quq

124) Ayman Ahmed Nofal

125) Mohamed Mohamed El Hadi

126) Mohamed Mohamed Hassan

127) Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed

128) Ehab Mohamed

129) Tariq Ahmed Farhan

Advers and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations First: The accused from the first to the seventy-sixth:


1. Committing acts that would prejudice the independence of the country


2. Committing the crimes of willful murder


3. Committing attempted murder


4. Putting fires intentionally in buildings


5 – theft of movables owned by the prison service


6. Destruction of buildings and public property


7. Enabling prisoners to escape


8. Possession of weapons and ammunition without notification


Second: The accused from the first until the seventy-first:


Sneaking into the country illegally


Third: The accused from the Seventy-seventh to the 121: to participate in the chaos to bring down the state and its institutions


Fourth: The 131st accused: Hide the accused and help them to flee


Fifth: The defendants from the 81 to 113 and from 120 to the last: escape from prisons.

Articles of accusations Articles 39, 40 / II-III,

41/ 1، 43، 45/ 1، 46، 86، 88bis، 88 bis أ/1-3، 88 bis c، ,


88 bis d, 90, 138, 142, 144, 230, 231, 243/2, 235, 252/1, 375


Of the Penal Code and Article 2/2 of the Presidential Decree No. 298 of 1995 concerning the securing of the eastern borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt,


Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 of Law No. 394 of 1954 on Weapons and Ammunition, amended by Law No. 26 of 1978, No. 165 of 1981


And the second part of the third table annexed to the First Law and amended by the decision of the Minister of Interior No. 13354 of 1995

First attended verdict 16th June 2015
The court ruled:


First : Attended verdict against

Mohammed Badi ‘Abd al-Magid, Rashad Muhammad Ali, Muhie Hamed Mohammed, Mohammad Saad Tawfiq, Mohammad Mohammed Morsi and Essam al-Din Muhammad Hussein were sentenced to death by hanging from charges.


Khairi Hassan Ali, Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, Ayman Mohamed Hassan , Abdel-Moneim Mohamed Amin, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed, Ahmad Ahmed Ali, Ragab Abdel Rahim Metwally, Imad Shams El Din Mohamed, Hazem Mohamed Farouk, Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim El Beltagy, Ibraheem Abu Auf Ibrahim, ruled for life sentence for being accused of involvement in chaos in the country .


Ahmed Mohsen Mashhad, Hammad Hassan Ali, Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, Ayman Mohamed Hassan, Abdel Moneim Mohamed Amin Ahmed Mohammed, Ahmed Ahmed Ali, Ragab Abdel Rahim Metwally, Yusri Abdel Moneim Ali Nofal, were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for running away from prison.


Second in absentia: the rest of the defendants are sentenced to death by hanging.


Thirdly: the confiscation of the seizures and the defendants’ charge of criminal expenses

Notes The case is being heard by the Cairo Criminal Court following its return from the Court of Cassation