Ahmed Abdul Fattah Ibrahim and others

Type Felony
Public title Ahmed Abdul Fattah Ibrahim and others
Case no. no. 18137 year 2014 Mansoura department II crimes registered no. 199 year 2015 inclusive Mansoura
Case year 2014
Court Mansoura Criminal Court
no. of defendants 43
Defendants 1. Saleh Ibrahim Al-Awadhi Al-Shafei

2. Amr Mohamed Mansour Al-Sherbini

3. Ahmed Abdel Fattah Ibrahim

4. Mohammed Yousef Wahba Mohammed

5. Amr Mahmoud Badir Younis

6. Hisham Osama Saad Hassan

7. Abdul Rahman Ahmed Ali Al-Badrawi

8. Moayad Attieh Mohammed

9. Ahmed Mohamed El Sayed

10. Mu’taz Bellah Mohammed Ghanem

11. Ahmed Maher Ahmed al-Hindawi

12. Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Mahmoud

13. Ahmed Sami Ezz Men

14. Abdel Hamid Abdel Fattah Abdel Hamid

15. Ashraf Mohammed Ali Salama

16. Hani Mohamed Mansour Saleh

17. Ayman Farouk El Sayed El Shazly

18. Ammar Sayed Ali Ahmed

19. Ahmed Hazem Ahmed Ali

20. Hatem Hazem Ahmed Ali

21. Abdel Aziz Shukri Abdel Aziz

22. Magdy Abu Faraj Ali Khalil

23. Ibrahim Ahmed Lotfi Al-Behansi

24. Mohamed Salah El-Din El Sayed

25. Ahmed Mohamed Subhi Mahmoud

26. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Ibrahim Ali

27. Mohamed Abdel Majid Ibrahim El Sayed

28. Mr. Ahmed El Sayed Farag

29. Ibrahim El Sayed Ahmed El Sayed

30. Mohamed Mostafa Emad Nasr El Din

31. Ashraf Shaaban Mohammed

32. Ehab Al-Saeed Al-Sadiq Mohammed

33. Ashraf Mujahid Hassan Mujahid

34. Seri Atta Atta Albili

35. Essam Ali Ali Saffan

36. Mahmoud Khaled El Sayed Mohamed

37. Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed

38. Abdul Rahman Al-Munther Hamid Mohammed

39. Mohamed Ali El Sayed El Sayed

40. Mohsen Mohammed Al-Sayed Al-Shahawi

41. Mohamed Farouk Abdel Salam Haze

42. Islam Mohammed Fayez Desouki

43. Mohammed Hazem Ali Ibrahim

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations · Joining a group established contrary to the provisions of the Constitution and the law

· Promote the change of constitutional principles and the destruction of basic systems

· Acquiring publications promoting the change of constitutional principles and the destruction of basic systems

Accusation articles Article 86 bis of the Penal Code

Article 98 (b) of the Penal Code

Article 98b bis of the Penal Code

First degree verdict date 28th March 2016
First degree verdict Acquittal