Mohamed Nasser Gaballah Case

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Mohamed Nasser Gaballah
Case no no. 13925 year 2015 al Mataria misdemeanor appealed no. 17079 year 2015 al Mataria appellant
Case year 2015
Court Al Mataria misdemeanor court
Department Non accessible
First degree judges Walid Sira
Second degree judges President: Mohamed Shaaban


Tag al Din Basyouni

Mohamed Amin

no. of defendants 9
Name of defendant Ibrahim Abdullah Abdul Fattah Ali

Mohamed Nasser Gaballah Ibrahim

Ahmed Salah Mohamed Hassan

Sobhi Ibrahim Mostafa Malsh

Mohamed Mahmoud Ramadan

Farouq Awad Mohamed Hanafi

Sara Mahmoud Rizq Abdu

Ashraf Ramadan Atia Zayed

Khaled Sami Mostafa Ibrahim

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Demonstrating without notification.

Sharing in a gathering of more than five personnels

Accusation articles A 21 of demonstrating law
First degree verdict date 14th July 2015
First degree verdict – two years in prison for defendants the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and ninth

–  a fine of 50000 L.E. for defendants the second, third, fifth and sixth

Second degree verdict date Non accessible
Second degree verdict Attended verdict:

concerning the first, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh accepting the appeal in form and suspension of the first verdict ruling to imprison the defendants for two years and baring the expenses

and attended through procuration:

for the second and third to accept the appeal in form and suspension of the appealed verdict and ruling to fine  them with 50 thousands Egyptian pounds

Case file Non accessible