Fatma Naout (Islamic religion contempt)

type Misdemeanor
Public title Fatma Naout (Islamic religion contempt)
Case no no. 11557 year 2014 al Sayeda Zeinab misdemeanor
Case year 2014
Court Al Khalifa and Moqattam misdemeanor court
First degree judges Mohamed Malt
Second degree judges Hussein Gehad
Second degree judges (opposition appealing) Hussein Gehad
no. of defendants 1
Names of defendant Fatema Sayed Mohamed Hassan Naout
Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Religions contempt
Accusation articles A 98 of Penal Code
First degree verdict date 26th January 2016
First degree verdict Three years in prison

a bail of 20000 to suspend the penalty

Second degree verdict date 31st March 2016
Second degree verdict Supporting the first degree verdict because the defendant did not attend
Second degree verdict date (opposition appealing) 24th November 2016
Second degree verdict (opposition appealing) Decreasing the penalty to 6 months in prison with suspension