Ayman Fakhr al Din

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Ayman Fakhr al Din
Case no. no. 1649 year 2014 administrative al Tebbin registered no. 3791 year 2014 al Tebbin misdemeanor registered no. 7391 year 2015 al Tebbin midemeanor appealing
Case year 2014
Court Al Tebbin and 15th May misdemeanor court
First degree judges Tarek Attia
Second degree judges Non accessible
no. of defendants 1
Name of defendants Ayman Fakhr al Din Hussein
Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Inciting to strike in a governmental institution
Accusation articles Non accessible
First degree verdict date Non accessible
First degree verdict Two years imprisonment

a bail of 5000 L.E. to suspend the penalty

Second degree verdict date 16th March 2015
Second degree verdict Six months imprisonment
Case file Non