Pulic Title for the case: Anwar al Hajj and others

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Anwar al Hajj and others
Case no no. 6097 year 2014 al Maadi misdemeanor registered no. 9043 year 2014 appealing misdemeanor al Maadi
Case year 2014
Court Al Maadi misdemeanor court
Department Non accessible
First degree judges Ayman Zaalouk
Second degree judges Non accessible
no. of defendants 18
Name of defendant 1. Anwar Haj Ali Abdullah

2. Qamaruddin Nunu Kan Odasan

3. Ahmed Abdel Moneim Abdel Rasool

4. Tarek Hamed Mahmoud El Sayed

5. Mohammed Abbas Mohammed Omar

6. Ahmed Ali Mahmoud Yousef

7. Alaa Mohammed Abdul Azim Shaalan

8. Bahaa Abdel-Haq Ibrahim Mustafa

9. Mohsen Abdul Tawab Imam

10. Osama Abdel-Said Ibrahim

11. Kamal Abdul Khaliq Mohammed Morsi

12. Yasser Ahmed Salim Jabr

13. Ehab Zaki Abou El Magd Ahmed

14. Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Abdel Moneim

15. Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Saghir Zaidan

16. Mustafa Said Ahmed Mohammed

17. Waheed Sabri Abdel Aziz Faraj

18. Essam Attieh Mahmoud Ali

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations 1- sharing in a gathering of more than five personnels

2- parading force and threatening to use violence

3- mild beating

4- damaging private fixed properties

5- damaging movable private properties

Accusation articles A 242 of Penal Code
First degree verdict date 18th June 2014
First degree verdict 1- one year in prison in effect

2- a fine of 50000 L.E.

3- the defendant will be under police surveillance for one year

Second degree verdict date Non
Second degree verdict Non
Case file Non