Ahmed Moustafa Bayoumi and others Case

Type pending investigation
Public title Ahmed Moustafa Bayoumi and others
Case no. no. 30 year 2017 Kasr al Nile misdemeanor
Case year ٢٠١٧
Prosecution Kasr al Nile
Prosecutors Non accessible
Prosecution president Bahgat Halawa
Public Attorney Non accessible
Public Prosecutor Nabil Sadeq
no. of  accused 12
Names of accused 1. Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa Bayoumi

2. Raafat Mohammed Al-Sayeh Khalaf

3. Yasin Jamal Mahmoud Mohammed

4. Mohamed Sayed Ismail Said

5. Ali Adel Mohammed

6. Mohamed Ezzat Mahmoud Abdel Qader

7. Islam Bayoumi Abdel Rahim Ahmed

8. Sherif Mohamed Riad Hilal

9. Mohammed Tawfiq Sayed Mohammed

10. Mohamed Wajdi Mohamed Hassan

11. Mahmoud Ahmed Sayed Mohammed

12. Hazem Ahmad Ziauddin

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Joining a group founded contrary to the provisions of law and constitution

sharing in a gathering of more than five personnels

demonstration without notification


Accusation articles A 86bis of Penal Code

A 21 of demonstration law

First investigation date 14th November 2017
Investigation decision Release on bail 10 thousands
Second investigation date Non accessible
Second investigation decision Non accessible