Al Riyad Case

Type Felony
Public title Al Riyad
Case no. no. 608 year 2015 inclusive Kafr al Sheikh
Case year 2015
Court Kafr al Sheikh criminal court
Judges President: Alaa Ali Salem


Mohamed Atef Mohamed

Mohamed Ali Abdul Kader

no. of defendants 3
Names of defendants 1- Ragab Saad Mohamed Awad

2- Khalil Mahmoud Khalil

3- Azab Abdul Halim Azab

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – Accusation authority
Accusations – Joining a group founded contrary to the provisions of constitution and law

– founding a group contrary to the provisions of constitution and law

– acquisition of publications and records promoting disabling provisions of constitution and law

– disobedience of the order of disperse

– gathering in purpose of committing crimes or affecting authorities

– gathering with acquisition of lethal weapons

– gathering in purpose of committing a crime or affecting authorities through using force

– Subversion of public property

– acquisition of white weapons without license

– acquisition of guns and ammunitions without license

– acquisition of weapons during demonstration

– demonstrating without notification

Accusations articles A 86 of Penal Code

As 1,2,3 of gathering law

As 1, 26 of weapons and ammunitions  law

As 17 and 21 of demnostrating law

Verdict date 13th June 2015
Verdict Acquittal
Notes The name “al Riyad” of the case is driven from a city in Kafr al Sheik governorate in which incidents took place