Al Raml Incidents

Type Felony
Public title Al Raml Incidents
Case no. no. 13751 year 2013 al Raml department II crimes no. 6416 year inclusive East Alexandria
Case year 2013
Court Alexandria Criminal Court
Judges President: Nabil Abdel Sabour al Nabarawi


Mohamed Tharwat Abdul Monem

Mohamed Haytham Mazid

First degree judges (repeating procedures) President: Nabil Abdul Sabor al Nabarwi


Mohamed al Fouti

no. of defendants 7
Names of defendants 1- Hamouda Sayed Ahmed

2- Abdul Salam Abdul Halim Haroun

3- Mostafa al Sayed Ahmed

4- Al Beheiry al Sayed Ahmed

5- Emad Gaber Khalifa

6- Ashraf Ahmed Omar

7- Haytham abu al Ezz al Hariri

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Disobeying the order to separate the crowd

Gathering to commit a crime or to influence the authorities

Gathering with carrying a weapon would cause death

Gather to commit a crime or influence the authorities with the use of force

Destruction of public property during the gathering

Possession of a white weapon without a permit

Possession of a firearm or ammunition without a license

Accusations articles As 1, 2, 3 and 3bis of gathering law

As 1 and 26 of weapons and ammunitios law

 First degree verdict date 26th August 2015
First degree verdict Imprisonment for 3 years
First degree verdict date (repeating procedures) 26th March 2016
First degree verdict (repeating procedures) Acquittal