Ultras Ahlawy”no. 4346 year 2017 Kasr al Nil misdemeanor”

Type pending investigation
Public title Ultras Ahlawy
Case no. no. 4346 year 2017 Kasr al Nil misdemeanor
Case year 2017
Court Abdin Court
Judiciary department Dep. Abdin misdemeanor
Public Prosecutor Nabil Sadeq
no. of defendants 17
1- Ahmed Mohammed Ali Bakr
2 – Ali Mahmoud Ali Mohammed
3 – Mohammed Saad Mohammed Ibrahim
4- Younis Mahmoud Younis
5 – Mohammed Abdullah Ismail
6- Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim
7- Abdul Rahman Ali Ahmed Sanad
8. Ahmed Nour El-Din Abdel-Fattah
9 – Mustafa Amjad Ahmed Mohammed
10- Mohammed Fawzi
11- Abdulrahman Nabil
12 – Mohammed Omar Abdulaziz
13. Mohamed Ibrahim
14- Ahmed Sameh
15 – Mohammed Hamdi
16 – Walid Issam Mohammed
17. Ahmed Abdel Moneim
Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Bullying and parading force – gathering – assaulting police forces – steeling the wireless device of colonel Hatem Abdullatif – acquisition of crackers – acquisition of white weapons – damaging the victims’ cars – Disruption of public transport – damaging properties of the victims
Articles of accusations Non accessible
Date of arrest Days 31st March and 1st April 2017
First investigation session 1st April 2017
Prosecution decision A 4 days jail
Last prosecution decision Releasing the defendants on 15th May 2017
Final procedure Under investigation