Appealing against practicing political rights

Type Constitutional
Public title Appealing against practicing political rights
Case no. no. 15 judiciary year 37
Case year 2015
Court Constitutional Supreme Court
Text appealed against Article 25 of Law No. 45 of 2014 regulating the exercise of political rights:

“The maximum amount spent by each candidate in the election campaign in the individual system is five hundred thousand pounds, and the maximum spending in the stage of the return of two hundred thousand pounds.

The two limits are multiplied by 15 candidates with one list. “

Adverse and representation Ibrahim Fekry Ibrahim – appellant
Verdict date 1st March 2015
Judges Anwar Rashad al Assi
Parties appealed against President of the Republic

Prime Minister

Chairman of the Supreme Elections Committee

Verdict The court ruled:

First: not to accept the case in respect of the appeal against the text of Article (25) of the law regulating the direct political rights issued by the President of the Republic Law No. 45 of 2014

Second: The unconstitutionality of the text of Article 3 of the Presidential Decree No. 202 of 2014 regarding the division of the constituencies of the Parliament in the area of its application to the election in the individual system and the “individual” schedule annexed thereto.

Third: By rejecting other applications.

Fourthly, the government must pay the expenses and the sum of two hundred pounds for the fees of the lawyers.