Youssef Khaled Mahmoud

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Youssef Khaled Mahmoud
Case no. no. 1005 year 2015 child misdemeanor registered under no. 8810 year 2015 appellant misdemeanor South Cairo
Case year 2015
Court Child Misdemeanor Court
First degree judges President: Maged Hosni


Mostafa Foad

Hani al FIqi

Second degree judges President: Ahmed Jilani


Hussein Essam Al Din

Rami Magdi

no. of defendants 1
Name of defendant Youssef Khaled Mahmoud
Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations 1- Publishing false news

2- demonstrating with violating security and public order

3- demonstrating without notification

Accusations articles A 102bis of penal code

A 19 of demonstration law

A 21 of demonstration law

First degree verdict date 20th September 2015
First degree verdict Imprisonment for 3 months and a bail of 3000 L.E. for the second accusation and acquittal of the first accusation
Second degree verdict date (appeal) 28th October 2015
Seond degree verdict (appeal) Accepting the appeal in form and rejecting it in subject with support of the appealed verdict