Television and Radio news paper’s journalists

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Television and Radio news paper’s journalists
Case no. no. 4080 year 2016 Bolak abu Al Ela misdemeanor appellant under no. 3394 year 2017 appellant misdemeanor Bolak Abu Al Ela
Case year 2016
Court Bolak Abu al Ela misdemeanor partial court
First degree judges President: Maged Hosni
Second degree judges President: Sherif Seddiq


Amir al Ayoubi

Mohamed al Nafarawi


no. of defendants 3
Name of defendant 1- Nahed Mohamed Ezz Al Arab

2- Ibrahim Abdul Aziz Mohamed

3- Khaled Mohamed Ismail

Adverse and representation Saad Mohamed Sayed, civil right prosecutor
Accusations Verbal assault and defaming through publishing
Accusations articles
First degree verdict date 24th April 2017
First degree verdict Rejection of the civil and criminal suit and obliging the prosecutor with expenses and 50 pounds for lawyers
Second degree verdict date (appeal) 6th March 2017
Seond degree verdict (appeal) In absentia, the court ruled the illegitimacy of considering the suit and obliging the appealing party of paying the expenses