Trial of the human rights attorney Khaled Ali

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Trial of the human rights attorney Khaled Ali
Case no. no. 672 year 2017 public prosecutor’s petitions

registered under no. 1079 year 2017 al Dokki administrative

registered under no. 9335 year 2017 al Dokki misdemeanor

Case year 2017
Court Al Dokki misdemeanor held in North al Giza primary court
Department Dep. 21 al Dokki misdemeanor
Judges of Abdin misdemeanor court Ahmed Abdel Gayed
no. of defendants one
Name of defendant Khaled Ali Omar
Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Committing an act of flagrant indecent assault by pointing with his fingers with offensive signs in public
 Articles of accusations A 278 of Penal Code
Date of al Dokki misdemeanor court verdict The case is under deliberation

Postponed to session

18th  September 2017

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