People assembly demonstrators

Type Misdemeanor
Public title People assembly demonstrators
Case no. no. 2841 year 2015 Kasr al Nile misdemeanor
Case year 2015
Court Kasr al Nile misdemeanor partial court
Department Non accessible
Judge Amir Mohamed Assem
Second degree judge Non accessible
17 17


1. Talaat Hassan Mahmoud

2. Zuhdi Zaki Nasr

3. Mohamed Elhamy Mohamed

4. Nguy Abbas Ahmed

5. Taha Abdul Jawad Mohammed

6. Abdel-Hamid Mustafa Nada

7.Al Sayed Fawzi Sayed

8. Mohammed Saleh Fathi

9. Mustafa Mahmoud Abdel-Aal

10. Maher Shaker

11. Hussam Nasr Khalil

12. Azza Suleiman Hashim

13. Adel Ahmed Meliji

14. Mohammed Saleh Abdul Salam

15. Khaled Mustafa Murad

16. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

17. Ahmed Fathi Nasr

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority


Demonstrating without notification

demonstrating with violating security and public order

Articles of accusations A 21 of demonstration law, A 19  of Demonstration Law
Date of first degree verdict 23th of May 2015
Verdict Acquittal
Date of second degree verdict Non
Second degree verdict Non