Publishing false news about the underground case

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Publishing false news about the underground case
Case no. Misdemeanor no. 53653 year 2014 Madinet Nassr misdemeanor

registered under no. 13945 year 2015 appellant misdemeanor east Cairo

Case year 2015
Court Madinet Nassr misdemeanor, appellant misdemeanor east Cairo
Department  Madinet Nassr misdemeanor I, Madinet Nassr appellant misdemeanor
First degree judge Samer Tho al Feqar
Second degree judge (appeal) Hatem al Ezabi

Karim al Safti

Ahmed Moawed

no. of defendants one
Name of defendant Amr Ahmed Raouf
Adverse and representation Public prosecuter – accusation


Chairman of the Subway Authority in his capacity as a civil rights prosecutor


Accusation A direct misdemeanor for two false statements and the publication of false news.
Accusation articles A 302, 303, 305, 306 and 308 of the Penal Code
Date of first degree verdict 28 / 4 / 2015
First degree verdict The court fined the accused a sum of ten thousand pounds and obliged him to lead the plaintiff civil right amount of one and fifty pounds for civil compensation and expenses
Date of second degree verdict 19 / 1 / 2016
Second degree verdict Acceptance of the appeal in form and in the matter by revoking the appealed sentence and the re-acquittal of the accused and the rejection of the civil suit with the obligation to charge the prosecutor with the expenses and the fees of the lawyer.