Syndicate of journalists leaders case

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Syndicate of journalists leaders case
Case no. no. 8100 year 2016 Kasr al Nile misdemeanor registered under no. 5178 year 2016 appellant misdemeanor central Cairo
Case year 2016
Court Abdin Court
Department Kasr al Nile
Judge Ahmed Abu al Atta
no. of defendants 3
Names of defendants Khaled Mohamed Zaki al Balshi

Yahya Kalash

Gamal Abdul Rahim

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations Aiding Amr Bad and Mahmoud al Sakka, who are demanded for appearance in front of the public prosecution, to flee from the judiciary by giving them shelter in the headquarter of the syndicate of journalists to delay and prevent the execution of the decree with their full knowledge
Articles of accusations A 144/1 provision no.3 and 145/1 provision no. 2 of Penal Code
Date of first degree verdict 19th November 2016
First degree verdict Imprisonment of all defendants and a bail of 10 thousands L.E. for suspension of execution
Date of the appellant misdemeanor verdict 25th March 2017
Appellant misdemeanor verdict Acceptance of the appeal in form and in subject amending the first degree verdict ruling to imprison the defendants with suspension of execution for three years and obliging the defendants to pay expenses
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