Corruption in Bibliothica Alexandria

Type Misdemeanor
Public title Corruption in Bibliothica Alexandria
Case no. No. 8411 year 2012 Bab Sharq misdemeanor registered under no. 34000 year 2017 Bab Sharq appellant misdemeanor
Case year 2012
Court Alexandria
Department Bab Sharq
First degree judge Mahmoud Hegazi
Second degree judges Non accessible
Number of defendants 4
Names of defendants 1- Mohamed Ismail Anis Serag al Din

2- Yahya Mohamed Sobhi Mansour

3- Ashraf Mohamed Ali Mahdi

4- Mohamed Youssef Ahmed al Sammak

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations First defendant: enormously damaging properties owned by the place he works in (bibliothica Alexandria)

first and second defendants: enormously damaging properties owned by the place they work in (bibliotheca Alexandria)

al defendants: dereliction in doing their jobs and violating laws and provisions

Articles of accusations 116 bis (1), 118 bis / III IVV, 119 / A, 119 bis / A and Article 11 of the Financial Regulations of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina issued by the Director of Library No. 11 of 2008
First degree verdict date 31st July 2017
Verdict The court ruled in attendance of the defendants lawyers:

first: imprisoning the first defendants for two years in effect and a fine of 500 L.E. and a bail of 1000 to suspend the execution

second: improsining the first and second defendants for one year in effect and a fine 500 L.E. and a bail 1000 L.E. to suspend execution

third: all defendants to be imprisoned for six months and to be fined for 500 L.E. for each and a bail 1000 L.E. for each to suspend execution

fourth: defendants from the second to the forth to be dismissed from their jobs for one year starting from the last day of executing the penalty or its suspension for any reason and publishing the verdict on their expenses

fifth: copying a photo from the papers and referring them to the public prosecution to interrogate Suzan Saleh Thabet and Abdul Aziz Hegazy concerning what is mentioned in the report of the experts committee of the Ministry of Justice and referring the civil suit to the competent civil court

Second degree verdict date (appeal) Not issued
Second degree verdict Not issued