Workers in Tora cement factory case

Type Misdemeanour
Public title Workers in Tora cement factory case
Case no. no. 9105 year 2017 al Maadi misdemeanor no. 13837 year 2017 al Maadi appellant misdemeanor
Case year 2017
Court Primary south Cairo court
Department Al Maadi appellant misdemeanor
First degree judge Mohamed Hafez
Second degree judges Mohamed Salah – Mohamed al Dabee – Hatem al Khateeb
Number of defendants 32
Names of defendants 1 – Alaa Abdullah

2 – Abdullah Abdul Maqsoud

3 – Mohammed Ragab Harb

4 – Ahmed Fathi

5 – Hassan Haroun

6 – Hassan Mustafa

7 – Ali Said

8. Mohammed Saad Mahmoud

9. Ismail Abdul Qader

10 – Ismail Alian

11. Mahmoud Ismail

12- Hatem Mohamed Ahmed

13. Yasin Salama

14 – Bakr Abdul Hamid

15 – Mohammed Gamal al-Din

16 – Eid Abdul Tawab

17. Mohamed Mamdouh

18- Badr Abdel Halim

19 – Bayoumi Abdel Moneim

20. Ahmed Antar

21 – Ayman Reda

22 – Ahmed Hussein Fikry

23- Ahmed Mohammed

24. Mustafa Issa

25. Ramez Saleh

26. Ashour Khairy

27. Mohammed Badawi

28. Yasser Mohammed

29. Hassan Ibrahim

30. Ismail Mansour

31. Mohamed Salah

32 – Ashraf Abdul Khaliq

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations 1- preforming and assault against a public employee

2- parading force and threatening with violence

Articles of accusations articles no, 136 and 375bis of Penal Code
First degree verdict date 4 / 6 /2017
Verdict Imprisoning all defendants for three years and putting them on probation for three years and obliging them with expenses
Second degree verdict date (appeal) 18 /6 /2017
Second degree verdict the court rules in attendance: for the first defendant, accepting the appeal in form and in subject suspension of the appealed verdict and ruling each defendant to be imprisoned for two months in effect plus the expenses. As for the second defendant, accepting the appeal in form, in subject the court ruled the suspension of the appealed verdict and the acquittal of the defendants
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