Insulting the president of the Republic

Type Military
Public title Insulting the president of the Republic
Case no. no. 162 year 2015 military misdemeanor of Matroh
Case year 2015
Court Military
Department Matroh military misdemeanor
Names of judges lieutenant colonel/ Walid Ramadan Diab
Number of defendants 1
Names of defendants Amr Nohan Nabih Youssef
Adverse and representation Military prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations 1- publishing and blogging words and photos on social media (facebook) opposing the military forces and the governing regim

2- neglecting military orders and instructions

Articles of accusations Articles 9, 153, 166 of the Military Justice Act, 304/2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and article 32 of the Penal Code
Date  of verdict 8th October 2015
Verdict The court ruled in attendance:

to punish the defendant (a former soldier) Amr Nohan Nabih Youssef with three years imprisonement in effect for what he is accused with