Murder of demonstrators in Al Qalyubia governorate

Type felony
Public title Murder of demos in al Qalyubia governorate
Case number no. 4453 year 2011 first police departmant of Shubra al Kheima crimes
Case year 2011
Prosecution Banha prosecution, Shubra prosecution
Public Prosecutor Abdul Magid Mahmoud
Court Shubra al Kheim Criminal Court
First degree judges Reda al Bendari – president


Hesham al Sharif

Hesham Talaat Nassif

Number of defendants 4
Named of defendants 1- Farouq Yahya Al Sayed Lashin – Qalyubia Security director

2- Gamal Mohamed Hosni – deputy of security director for south sector

3- Samir Zaki Badawi – assistant of security director for security

4- Ahmed Mokhtar al Hilali – assistant of security director for Shubra al Kheiba brigade

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority

civil right prosecutors:

families of 20 martyrs

and 40 injured

Accusations Murder and attempt of murder against demos of al Qalyubia on 28th January 2011
Articles of accusations Articles 234, 45 and 46 of Penal Code
Date of verdict 6th of September 2012
Verdict Innocence of all defendants, referring the civil suit to the competent court
Court of Cassation’s verdict Rejection of the prosecution appeal
Case file Non accessible