Khairat al Shater cell case

Type Felony
Public title Khairat al Shater cell
Case number Number 138 year 2015 east military crimes
Case year 2015
Court Military court
Department Non accessible
Names of first degree judges Non accessible
Number of accused 28
Names of defendants 1) Mohammed Khairat Saad Abdul Latif Al – Shater

2) Al Sayed Mahmoud Ezzat Ibrahim

3) Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed Hussein

4) Ayman Mohamed Ali Abdel Nabi

5) Ayman Mohamed Metwalli Jaballah

6) Ali Ahmed Batikh

7) Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Mohammed

8) Mohammed Hassan Mohammed

9) Islam Juma Abdul Hadi

10) Ibrahim Saeed Abdel Hamid

11) Ahmed Saber Mohammed

12) Ayman Ismail Mohammed Abdeen

13) Fathi Mostafa Kamel Abdel Maqsoud

14) Shaimaa Majed Ahmed

15) Ahmed Said Rushdie

16) Mohammed Mansi Mohammed

17) Soldier / Ahmad Ramadan Saeed

18) soldier / Anas Ibrahim Ahmed

19) Sharaf al-Din Mahmoud Mahmoud

20) Ayman Sayed Osman

21)  Islam Yakut Farghali

22) Izzat Ali Abdel Baki

23) Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed

24) Mohsen Hussein Abdul Aziz

25) Hossam Mohammed Rabie

26) Abdel Halim Tawfiq Abdel Aziz

27) Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Moneim

28) Mohammed Jouda Ali Mohammed

Adverse and representation Military prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations First: The defendants from the first to the third: the establishment of a terrorist gang

Second: The defendants from the second to the sixth: the supply of a terrorist gang with material and financial aid.

Third: Ninth defendant: Leading a terrorist gang

Fourth: defendants from the fourth to the eighth and the tenth to the last: Join a terrorist gang.

Fifth: defendants from the first to fifth: spying with a foreign state.

Sixth: defendants from the sixth to twenty: participation in the crime of espionage.

Seventh: defendants from the first to twenty: Disclosing a secret of the secrets of defending the country.

Eighth: The seventeenth, eighteenth and twenty :

1. Disclosing a secret of the secrets of defending the country

2. The seizure of confidential papers and documents

Ninth: The sixth, seventh, ninth and twenty-first to last:

1 – Possession of weapons, ammunition and explosives without a license

Tenth: defendants from the first to the sixth and the nineteenth: the leadership of a terrorist group

Eleventh: Seventh to Eighteenth and Twenty to Last: joining a group contrary to the provisions of the law.

Articles of accusations Articles 2, I, II (a),

40 / II.III, 41/1, 77 (d) / 1, para. 2.3, 80, 80 (b), 80 (e) / 4, 82, 82 (b), 85 / 1-2-3, 85 (A), (b), 86, 86 bis / 1-2-3, 86 bis (a) / 1-2, 102 (a), 113/1, 118, 118 bis, 119/11, 119 bis (C) of the Penal Code

And Articles 1, 6, 25 bis, 26 / 1-2-3-4-6, 30 of Law No. 394 of 1954 on Weapons and Ammunition, Table 2, Section A of Section I and Section B of Section III Article 3 of Presidential Decree No. 204 of 2010 concerning the determination of vital areas of the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the rules governing it, and Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 and 14 of the Presidential Decree No. 97 For the year 1959 concerning passports and its amendments, and articles 62, 75 and 77 of the Minister of the Interior’s Decision No. 2225 of 2007 on the articles considered as explosives and articles 4/2, 5 / a-b-c, 7/1, 9 of the Military Justice Law

First attended verdict date 29th March 2017
Verdict Life sentence for each of the following defendants: Islam Juma Abdel Hadi, Ibrahim Said Al Shaarawy, Ahmed Ramadan Saeed, Mahmoud Abdul Rahim Morshedi, Anas Ibrahim Shalaby,

15 years imprisonment for Khairat al-Shater, ‘Azat Ali’ Abd al-Baqi, Ahmad Mustafa Ghunaim,

10 years imprisonment for Islam Yacout Farghali, Hossam Mohamed Rabie, Mohamed Gouda Ali,

3 years imprisonment for Mohamed Mansi Hammad, Ahmed Saber Labib, Mohsen Hussein Abdel Aziz, Abdel Halim Tawfiq, Ashraf Gharib Fleifel.

And life sentence for the other defendants in absentia