Murder of demonstrators in al Sayeda Zeinab police station

Type Felony
Public title Murder of demonstrators in a Sayeda Zeinab police station
Case number Number 8423 year 2011 al Sayeda Zeinab crimes
Case year 2011
Prosecutions Al Sayeda Zeinab prosecution
Public prosecutor Abdul Magid Mahmoud
Judiciary department Cairo crime dep. 17 south
First degree judges Essam Abdul Hamid Nassr – President


Abdul Monem Abdul Sattar

Sami Mahmoud Zain al Din

Number of defendants 5
Names of defendants イ  Shadi Mohammed Abdul Hamid, “detective assistant in the police station of Sayeda Zeinab”

イ  Ehab Abdul Aziz Al-Saidi, “detective assistan”

イ  Amr Hamdi Hamed, “detective assistan”

イ Hisham Lutfi Mohamed, Inspector of Investigations in Southern Cairo

イ  Mohammad Shaaban Metwally, “officer in the department”

Adverse and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority

civil right prosecutors:

families of 5 martyrs and 6 injured

Accusations Deliberate murder and attempt of murder against demonstrators in al Sayeda Zeinab police station on 28th January 2011
Articles of accusations Article 234 of Penal Code

articles 45 and 46 of Penal Code

Verdict date 29th December 2011
Verdict Acquittal of the defendants and referring case to competent court
Cassation court Refusal of the public prosecution appeal
Case file