Simon Bolivar incidents case number 12946 year 2012 Kasr el Nile misdemeanor no. 17 year 2013 appellant misdemeanor central Cairo

Type Misdemeanor
Case public title Simon Bolivar incidents case no. 12946 year 2012
Case number Number 12946 year 2012 Kasr el Nile misdemeanor

no. 17 year 2013 appellant misdemeanor central Cairo

Case year  2012
Court Kasr el Nile misdemeanor held in partial Abdin court

Kasr el Nile appellat misdemeanor held in south Cairo primary court

Judiciary department Kasr al Nile misdemeanor
First degree judge Ihab Yousri
Second degree judges Non accessible
Number of accused 11
Names of accused 1 – Amr Ahmed Hussein

2 – Mohammed Abdel Rahman Sayed

3 – Mohammed Abdul Razek Mohammed

4 – Ahmed Sayed Fathi

5. Ibrahim Hussein Abdo

6 – Ahmed Abdel Hakim Sidqi

7 – Adel Farag Yousef

8. Abdullah Mokhtar Mohammed

9. Hassan Ibrahim Abdel-Fattah

10 – Alaa Ahmed Abdel Samie

11 – Reda Mohammed Habashi

Adverse and representation الخصم وصفته
1. Parading strength and use of violence against a public official

2. Attacking public officials

3 – Destruction of private properties

4 – theft of properties

Articles of accusations 136,137 paragraphs 1,2 and 361 § 2.1, 375 bis 1.2.3 of the Penal Code
First degree verdict 25th December 2012
Verdict Attended verdict against the first, fourth, eighth and ninth accused

And in absentia of other defendants

First on the first and second charges associated:

First :

The defendants to be imprisoned for two years in effect and to place the accused under police supervision for two years.

Second :

For the second charge fined five hundred pounds.


For the fourth charge for the defendants to be imprisoned for a year in effect and all of them committed to expenses.

Second degree verdict date 27th February 2013
Verdict Acceptance of the appeal in form and in subject the court ruled the abolition of the ruling of the first degree and the re-acquittal the accused from the charges
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