Council of Ministers Case

Type Felony
Case public title Council Of Ministers’ Case
 Case number Number 8629 year 2011 al Sayeda Zeinab registered under no. 3528 year 2011 inclusive north Cairo
Case year 2011
Court Al Giza Criminal Court
Judiciary department Dep. 5 terrorism
First degree judges Mohamed Nagi Shehata

Mohamed al Nagdi

Abdul Rahman Safwat

Ahmed Abdul Hakam

Number of accused 269
Names of accused 1- karim Ali Saad al Din

2- Romani Atef Karab

3- Mohamed Sami Abdul Halim

4- Mohamed Abdul Wahab Mohamed

5- Mohaned Samir Mesilhi

6- Yasser Sayed Atya

7- Mina Anis Adel

8- Al Hassan Ali Fahim

9- Ahmed Adel Abdul Mohsen

10- Ibrahim Rashad Mohamed

11- Mohamed Ahmed Saleh

12- Mohamed Saad Mohamed

14- Mohamed Youssef Mohamed

14- Ashraf Kamal Mohamed

15- Emad el Din Ahmed Ibrahim

16- Mohamed Fahmi Kamel

17- Tarek Mohamed Solieman

18- Mohamed Abdul Moti Ibrahim

19- Hussein Milad Hussein

20- Islam Hanafi Shehata

21- Islam Nageh Mohame

22- Mohamed Gamal Abdul Samie

23- Amr Arabi Abdu Sattar

24- Mohamed Shaaban Mahfouz

25- Ahmed Magdi Mahmoud

26- Ashraf Salah Abdul Gabbar

27- Ramadan Saber Mahmoud

28- Mohamed Mohamed Ali

29- Mohamed Ahmed Abdul Maqsoud

30- Mahmoud Marie Mohamed

31- Mohamed Mohsen Hassanein

32- Al Sayed Afifi Ali

33- Ahmed Kamel Abdul Salam

34- Khalaf Ahmed Abdul Salam

35- Mamdouh Ahmed Abdul Salam

36- Ahmed Fathi Abdul Aziz

37- Ahmed Mohamed Abbas

38- Mahmoud Sayed Abdul Nabi

39- Mahmoud Badr Labib

40 – Abdul Zaher Ragab Fouad

41- Ahmed Hamed Al Sayed

42- Magdi Mohamed Saad

43- Ahmed Youssef Rashad

44- Emad Hamdi Farag

45- Mahmoud Mohamed Abdul Hafiz








53) Atef Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

54) Mahmoud Fawzi Ajban

55) Maximus Paulas Abdul Malak

56) Mahmoud Zuhair Mahmoud

57) Mohammed Nasser Al-Sayed

58) Silwan Ezzat Adly

59) Hassan Hussein Mohammed

60) Mohammed Mari Mohammed

61. Al Sayed Hanafi Mahmoud

62) Mahmoud Mohammed Saber

63) Ahmed Badawi Al Sayed

64) Ahmed Hamdy Mohamed

65) Mahmoud Ibrahim Ahmed

66) Mohamed Morsi Mohammed

Mohamed Abdel Wakil Gamal

68) Islam Mustafa Abu Bakr

69) Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Salam

70) Ahmed Abou El Khair Faraj Allah

71) Mohamed Eid El Sayed

72) Amari Abdel Nasser Mohammed

73) Sheriff Magdy Makar

74) Ahmed Said Hosni

Saber Ibrahim Saber

76) Abdullah Abdul Hamid Moawad

77) Mohammed Saleh Said

78) Walid Fikri Saqr

Ashraf Ismail Mahmoud

80) Sameh Mahmoud Ahmed

Mustafa Tlas Ahmed

82) Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa

83) Mohamed Sayed Ali

84) Mansour Amin Mansour

Ahmed Maher Mohamed

86) Mohamed Sayed Saif Eddin

87) Refaat Sami Benjamin

88) Sameh Jamal Ali

89) Taha Ruby Hassan

Hussein Abdel Rahim Mohamed

91) Omar Ahmed Fahmy

92) Sameh Mokhtar Ibrahim

93) Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed

94) Alaa Thabet Ali

Ismail Abdel Radi Ali

96) Mohamed Arabi Ahmed

97) Ragab Adham Hassan

98) Mohamed Osman Mohamed

99) Rajab Fathi Abdel Rahman

100) Abu Majid Mohammed Abu Almajd

101) Ahmed Abdel Nasser Ibrahim

102) Ahmed Ezz Ahmed

103) Mohsen Abdel Azim Anwar

Hani Mohammed Ali

105) Hatem Nasr Hussein

106) Mohamed Hassan Mahmoud

Amr Farghaly Ali

108) Ehab Abdul Khaliq Mohammed

Al – Hassan Talaat Kamel

110) Mohammed Ahmed Eid

111) Abdulrahman Abdel-Samad Al-Senoussi

Ahmed Atef Abou Zeid

113) Issam Zakaria Mohammed

114) Ahmed Hassan Afifi

Khalid Mustafa Hussein

Mohammed Qanawi Afan

117) Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud

118) Islam Sayed Mahdi

119) Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Mohammed

120)  Mabrouk Mohamed El Sayed

Majid Yahya Mousa

124) Mahmoud El Sayed Saad

125) Yousef Desouki Yousef

126) Mohammed Marzouk Mohammed

127) Mohammed Shukri Abed Rabbo

Amr Mohamed Tawfiq

129) Ehab Mahmoud Hamza

130) Mohammed Fawzi Tawfiq

131) Mahmoud Hamdi Aref

132) Emad Mohammed Ahmed

Hany El Sayed Ibrahim

134) Mohamed Awad al-Sayed

135) Mohamed El Sayed Metwally

136) Sherif Mohamed Hassan

137) Bahi Hussein Bayoumi

138) Mohammed Abdul Alim Mohammed

139) Wahid al-Sayyid Ibrahim

140) Ahmed Ezzat Mohamed

141) Ayman Mohamed Ahmed

Mohammed Saber Abdel – Samie

143) Mohi Salah Mohammed

144) Abdul Hamid Ayman Abdul Hamid

145) Hamdi al-Sayed Hamdi

146) Khalaf Allah Al Sayed Hassan

147) Mena Safy Boutros

Mohammed Mousa Marzouk

149) Tarek Mohammed Al-Mahdi

Hussein Taha Hussein

151) Abdul Salam Mohammed Rashad

152) Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Samie

153) Abdullah Khaled Sadek

154) Emad Reda Sayed

155) Ahmed Yahya Siddiq

156) Karim Ibrahim Ibrahim

Mahmoud Ahmed Mustafa

Ali Mustafa Ali

Ashraf Gharib Amin

160) Abdulrahman Mustafa Mohammed

Khalid Abdul Ati Mohammed

162) Ahmed Jamal Mohammed

Hussam Mohammed Ali

164) Mohammed Yahya Zakaria

165) Said Ahmed al-Shishtawi

166) Yasser Mohammed Mahmoud

167) Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud

168) Hassan Mohamed Hassan

Hamada Bakhit Saber

Saddam Hussein

Khaled Mohammed Abdel Moneim

Ahmed Maher Abou Zeid

173) Ahmed Ashraf Mohammed

Mahmoud Mahmoud Fathi

175) Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Fattah

176) Fadi Rizk Suleiman

177) Mohammed Juma Abu Talib

178) Al Sayed Ahmed Kamel

179) Mohammed Hussein Jaber

180) Mahmoud Massad Mohammed

181) Mustafa Mamdouh Mohammed

182) Sarah Gamal El Sayed

183) Mahmoud Sami Mohammed

184) Tarek Ali Mahmoud

185) Yusri Mohammed Siddiq

186) Islam Khalaf Raif

187) Gamil Nasif Mounir

188) Mahmoud Suleiman Ahmed

Kamal Hamada Noman

Shaima Saad Ahmed

191) Mohamed Abdel Salam Mahmoud

192) Abdel Halim Mustafa Mohamed

193) Samir Makram Mohammed

194) Ahmed Saad Douma

195) Mohamed Abdel Hamid Ali

196) Abdul Raouf Khattab Hassan

197) Osama Ibrahim Abbas

198) Mohammed Abdulrahman Safi

199) Abdelrazq Essam Abdel Razek

Ashraf Abbas Abbas

Ismail Farouk Abdel  Sabour

Hani Samir Mohammed Hussein

203) Mahmoud Mustafa Mohammed

204) Mahmoud Ibrahim Abbas

205) Adel Jamal Ali

Hamdi Shaaban Eid

Mustafa Alaa Zainhom

208) Mo’men Hassan Shaaban

Mahmoud Faraj Mohammed

210) Mohamed Adel Gouda

Yasser Ahmed Hanafi

Mohammed Abdulnabi Bayoumi

213) Hamdi Mohammed Kamel

214) Islam Adel Ali

215) Abeer Saeed Mohammed

216) Samar Mohammed Saad

217) Sarah Ali Mohammed

218) Marwa Sayed Saif

219) Rasha Khalid Gad

220) Nima Ali Saeed


221) Hind Nafie Badawi

Hadeer Farouk Abdel Aziz

Yousra Salah Amin

224) Reda Majdi Najib

225) Ahmed Samir Saad

226) Abdul Mohsen Mohammed al-Bassiouni

227) Mohamed Walid Ali

228) Karim Abdulhakeem Abdul Hamid

229) Mustafa Ibrahim Mohammed

Hamdy Fathy Ismail

231) Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed

232) Mahmoud Mohammed Ahmed

233) Mohamed Abdel-Aal Rabie

234) Abdul Rahman Mohammed Ahmed

235) Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud

236) Magdy Mahmoud Mohamed

Mustafa Rajai Helmy

238) Mohamed Medhat Sayed

Mahmoud Ibrahim Abbas

Said Mohamed Magdy

241) Alaa Ramadan Mohammed

242) Said Mohammed Attieh

243) Mohammed Ahmed Taha

Mohammed Eid Al Gharib

245) Ali Ali Abu Shadi

248) Hussein Abdul Radi Mohammed

241) Sami Mohammed Mahmoud

Mohammed Abdul Latif Abdulaziz

Mustafa Kamel Abdul Majeed

250) Ahmed Kamel Abdul Majeed

Tamer Anwar Nabil

252) Mahmoud Amran Abdul Majid

253) Joseph Aziz Helmy

254) Gamal El Sayed Hassan Yousef

255) Farouk Nasser Kamal

Mohammed Abdulnabi Hassan

257) Abu Alaa Saleh Abu Ala

258) Issam Magdy Mohamed

259) Ahmed Said Ramadan

260) Fathi Ahmed Abdul Khaliq

Tharwat Ghareeb Jaber

262) Tariq al-Nahri Hazem

263) Abdel Nasser Mohamed Mahmoud

264) Tarek Shams El-Din

265) Moataz Mustafa Mohammed

Ahmed Ashraf Helmy

267) Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud

268) Mohamed Ayed Saad

269) Ahmed Gamal Mahmoud

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusatoin Participate in a gathering,

The use of force against public officials,

Disable transportation,

Set fire to buildings and public property,

Damage to public facilities,

Put the fire in the building of the People’s Assembly,

Participation by incitement and assistance in the attack on the members of the public authority,

Participation by incitement and assistance with other defendants in the commission of the crime of burning the building of the Roads and Bridges Authority,


Participate by way of incitement to commit the crime of assaulting members of the armed forces,

Resistance of men of public authority,

Initiate the storming of the Ministry of the Interior,

The attempt of burning of the building of the Egyptian Museum,

The destruction of movable property intended for public benefit,

The destruction of a car belonging to the Ministry of Transport set fire to it,

The theft of two fire trucks owned by the General Authority for Roads and Bridges,

The theft of books and magazines described in the papers and owned by the Egyptian scientific complex,

Achievement without a permit of a white weapon (knife),

Possession and acquisition of tools (tear gas, cutter, scabbard, scalpel, knives, molotoves, flame balls)

Throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and flames on buildings

Articles of accusations 30, 40 / I, III, 41 / I, 43, 45, 46, 90/1, 3, 5, 90 bis 1, 137 bis 1, 2, 162, 167, 252/1, 317 / II, 318, 391 / 1, 2, 3, 378/1 of the Penal Code.

Articles 1, 2, 27, 1, 37/1, 42/1, 45/1 of Law No. 182 of 1960, as amended by Laws No. 61 of 1977, 45 of 1984, 122 of 1989, and Articles 56 of Section II of Table 1, Paragraph D of Table 3 attached to the First Law and added to the decisions of the Minister of Health No. 89 of 1989, 46 of 1997, 122 of 2004, Articles 1/1, 25 bis, 30/1 of Law 394 of 1957 and amended by Law 26 of 1978, Numbers 3, 10, 11 of Table 1 attached to the First Law and Articles 1, 2, 5, 8, 10 and 11 of Law 415 of 1954 and Article 75 of Law No. 45 of 1969 regarding the Doctors Syndicate and Articles 1, 3, 6, 75/7 of Law No. 66 of 1973 As amended by Law 121 of 2008 and Articles 95, 101 109 111, of Law 12 of 1996, as amended by Law 126 of 2008 on the issuance of the Child Act.

First attended verdict date 4th February 2015
First attended verdict The court sentenced the defendant Ahmad Saad Duma to his presence and 228 of the defendants in absentia to life imprisonment and 39 defendants were sentenced to 10 years in prison and committed them together to pay 17 million as compensation for damages.
Number of defendants  who are to be re-tried 143
First repeating procedures of trial date 25th July 2017
First repeated trial verdict The court acquitted 93 defendants of the charges and punished 9 defendants for 10 years in prison and 43 of them were sentenced to life imprisonment and sentenced one to 5 years in prison. They were jointly committed to pay 17 million pounds amount of damages
First appeal date The session of October 12 was set to review Ahmed Duma’s appeal against his sentence.