al Etehadya March

Type Misdemeanor
Case public title Al Etehadya march
Case number Number 8429 year 2014 Masr Al Gadida Misdemeanor registered uner number 17178 year 2014 appellant East Cairo
Case year 2014
Court Masr al Gadida
Judiciary department Masr al Gadida misdemeanor
Names of first degree judges Non accessible
Names of second degree judges 1- Ahmed Serri al Gamal

2- Mostafa Adel

3- Ahmed Bahgat

Number of accused 22
Names of accused 1 – Sana Ahmed Saif al-Islam

2 – Moataz Mahmoud Mansour Ragheb

3- Mustafa Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul Ghani

4 – Salwa Abboud Ali Mehrez

5. Bassam Mohammed Ali Al-Saeed

6-Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Saeed Abdul Rahman

7- Yasser Samir Fadl Sayed

8 – Hanan Mustafa Ahmed Suleiman

9. Mohammed Ahmed Yousef Saad

10 – Nahed Sharif Abdul Hamid

11- Mahmoud Hesham Hassanein Abdel Aziz

12- Mohamed Anwar Massoud Miftah

13. Ahmed Samir Mahmoud Mohammed

14 – Islam Tawfiq Mohammed Hassan

15. Mohamed El Sayed Mohamed

16. Samar Ibrahim Mahmoud Ibrahim

17. Mohammed Al-Saeed Al-Bayli

18. Yara Refat Mohamed Salam

19- Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mohamed Orabi

20. Fikri Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed

21. Karam Mustafa Yassin Hilmi

22- Mo’men Mohammed Radwan Abdel Wahab

Advers and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations All accused:

Participate in a gathering of more than five persons that resulted in:

1- Participating in a demonstration that violated public security

2. Parading force and use of violence

(A) Destruction of public property;

(B) The destruction of private fixed properties

Accusation articles Articles 162-1-2, 361/1, 375 bis, 375 bis I / 1 of the Penal Code and Articles 2, 3-1, 3bis, 4 of Law 10 of 1914, amended by Law 87 of 1968 on Gathering and Articles 7, 8, 19 and 21 of the President of the Republic Decree Law 107 of 2013 concerning the organization of the right to public meetings, processions and peaceful demonstration
First degree verdict date 14th October 2014
First degree verdict The court sentenced all defendants to three years in prison and fined them 10,000 pounds and placed them under probation for three years.
Second degree verdict date (appeal) 28th December 2014
Second degree verdict (appeal) To accept the appeal in form and in the matter to amend the sentence appealed and to confine the defendants for two years and put them under the supervision of the police for a period equal to the duration of the sentence of imprisonment and ordered defendants accused of criminal expenses.