Ahmed Adel Mohamed Solieman case

Type Misdemeanor
Public title of the case Ahmed Adel Mohamed Solieman case
Case number number 4116 year 2014 al Bassatin misdemeanor

number 10964 year 2014 al Bassatin appellant misdemeanor


Case year 2017
Court South Cairo Primary Court
Judiciary department Appellant misdemeanor
First degree judge Sherif Saif Al Nassr
Second degree judges Wael Al Shimi – Ahmed Zakaria – Mostafa Khaled
Number of accused 1
Names of accused Ahmed Adel Mohamed Soleiman
Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations 1- Violation of security and public order, blocking roads and obstructing traffic

2 – exceeded the designated security campus in front of the partial Prosecution of al Basatin and the Court of Maadi

3- He organized a demonstration without informing the concerned authorities

(4) obtained without a permit a white weapon (sword) without any justification of professional necessity

5. Do not carry a personal identification card

Articles of accusations Articles 5, 7, 8, 19, 20, 21 and 22 of Law 107 of 2013


And Articles 1/1, 25 bis / 1, 30 of Law No. 394 of 1954, as amended by Law 26 of 1978, 165 of 1981


Article No. 6 of Table No. 1 annexed to the law amended by the Minister of Interior Decree No. 8541 of 2006, 1756 of 2007 and Articles 48, 50/2, 68/2 of Law No. 143 of 1994

First attended verdict date 6 /3 / 2014
First degree attended verdict The defendant was jailed for a week on the first charge

And a week for the second charge with the suspension of execution for three years starting from the date of the verdict

And the innocence of the accused for the third charge

And fined him five hundred pounds for the fourth charge

And the confiscation of seized weapons

And a fine of one hundred pounds for the fifth charge and to be committed to expenses

Second degree verdict in absentia date 22 / 9 /2014
Second degree verdict in absentia The court ruled in absentia by unanimous consent to accept the appeal in form

And on the subject by revoking the second sentence

And to re-arrest the accused for five years for all charges

And support otherwise with implementation

Second degree attended verdict date 20 /3 /2017
Second degree attended verdict The court ruled /

To accept the appellate opposition in form

And on the subject amending the sentence and confining the suspect to two years’ imprisonment with effect and confiscation

And his commitment to criminal expenses

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