Incursion of Talkha police center

Type Felony
Case public title Incursion of Talkha police center
Case number Number 17059 Talkha crimes year 2011

number 1077 inclusive south Mansoura

Case year 2011
Court Mansoura Criminal Court
Judiciary department Number 10 Mansoura criminal department
First degree judges 1-Nassr al Badrawi al Sayed

2- Ossam Micheal Tadrous

3- Alaa al Din Mohamed Abbas

Accused 3
Names of accused 1- Mostafa al Sayed Ahmed Ata

2- Tamer Mahmoud Abbas Know as Tamer al Agalati

3-  Sherif Mahmoud Abbas Known as Sherif al Agalati

Advers and representation Public prosecution – accusation authority
Accusation 1 – Participated and others in the gathering by gathering in front of the Talkha police station carrying firearms and cartridges

And have signed them in implementation of the intended purpose of  the following crimes with full knowledge: –

Attacking public officials –

They put fire in the office of Talkha police station –

Damage to public buildings –

Destruction of movables.

2. The first defendant was given ammunition and a white weapon

Articles of accusations The papers registered as felony and misdemeanor in articles 2, 3, paragraph 2 of Law No. 10 of 1914, concerning the assembly amended by Law No. 87 of 1968

, 136, 162, 252, paragraph 1, 361, paragraph 1, 2 of the Penal Code

And Articles 1, paragraph 1, 6, paragraph 1, 25 bis

Paragraph 1 of Law No. 26 of 1978, 165 of 1981

And the fifth item of Table 1 attached to the First Law and amended by the decision of the Minister of Interior No. 1756 of 2007..

First attended verdict date 15th June 2015
First attended verdict The attended verdict is the innocence of the accused from what is attributed to them from the accusation and confiscation of parts of firearms, ammunition and white weapons seized
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