Pulic Title for the case: Incursion of Masr al Qadima police station

Type Felony
Case public title Incursion of Masr al Qadima police station
Case number number 3676 year 2013 Masr al Qadima felony

number 2682 year 2013 inclusive south Cairo

registered under no. 88 year 2013 exclusive south Cairo investigation

Case year 2013
Court Giza criminal court
Judiciary department Number 24 Giza Felony
First degree judges 1Abdul Salam Younes

2Gamal Abu Taleb

3Bashir Raouf


Number of accused 18
Names of accused 1 – Mohammed Ragab Abdul Latif

2 – Ahmed Ragab Abdel Maqsoud

3 – Mohamed Ismail Taha

4- Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al-Afi

5- Ahmed Said Abdel Ghani

6- Ahmed Hosni Al-Gabri

7- Amr Zaki Ahmed

8. Walid Yahya Haroun

9. Islam Ahmed Hamdallah

10 – Reda Abdul Wahed Salam Nagi

11. Al Sayed Abdul Ghani Mushrif

12 – Mohamed Abeer Ahim Ahmed

13. Al-Sawy Mubarak Al-Sawy

14 – Essam Ahmed Tawfiq

15- Wael Said Halil

16 – Nasser Abdul Ghani Abdul Magid

17. Mohamed Amin Abdel-Fattah

18. Ra’fat Saad Zaghloul

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations 1 – Participated and others in a gathering


They have committed the following crimes in accordance with the intended purpose of the gathering with full awareness :


Parading of force and violence –

Killed and other victims identified by the investigations deliberately and premeditated and prepared for that purpose acquiring firearms and rifles  –


Initiate the killing of the victims described in the investigations –

Destruction of movables

2. The defendants from the second to the sixth were armed with rifles.


3. The seventh defendant was awarded a firearm (single gun shots)


4- The Eighth and Ninth defendants were armed with handguns.


5. The defendants from 10 to 18 were given white weapons.

Articles of accusations The papers were registered as felony and misdemeanor in Articles 2, 3 / 3bis of Law 10 of 1914

, 45, 46, 31, 230, 234, para. 1, 3, 4,

375 bis, 375 bis A 102a, of the Penal Code

Articles 1, 2, 6, 25 bis, 1, 26, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 of Law 394 of 1954 on Ammunition and Amended Weapons, Law No. 26 of 1978, amended by Law 101 of 1980, Law 6 of 2012


And item No. 7 of Table 1 attached to the First Law amended by the Minister of the Interior Resolution 1756 of 2007

And Table 2 attached to the First Law

And sections A and B of Section II of Table 3 attached to the First Law and amended by the Minister of the Interior Resolution 13354 of 1995

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First degree attended verdict
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