Al Bahr al Aazam incidents

Type Felony
Case public title Al Bahr al Aazam incidents
Case number Number 11531 year 2013 al Giza police station felony recorded under number 3403 inclusive south Giza
Case year 2013
Court Al Giza criminal court
Judiciary department Department 18 al Giza felony
Judges Mahmoud Samy Kamel

Mohmed Mansour Halawa

Mahmoud Mohamed Abdul Magid

First appeal judge Non accessible
Repeating trial judges Hassan Qandil

Samy Zain al Din

Afifi Abdullah Al Monoufy

Second appeal judges
Number of defendants 15
Names of accused 1) Mohammed Badie Abdul Magid Sami

2) Mohamed Mohamed El – Beltagy


3) Essam El Din Mohamed Hassan El Erian

4) Assem Abdel Magid Mohamed Mady

5) Safwa Hamouda Higazi Ramadan

6) Izzat Sabri Hassan Yousef

7) Anwar Ali Hassan Shaltout

8) Al-Husseini Antar Mahrous Abdel-Aal

9) Hisham Ibrahim Kamel Hassan

10) Gamal Fathi Youssef Al-Iraqi

11) Ahmed Dahi Mohammed Shaaban

12) Azab Mustafa Morsi Yacout

13) Basem Kamal Ahmed Odeh

14) Abu Dahab Hassan 15) Mohammed Nassif

Mohammed Ali Talha Radwan

Advers and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusatoins First: The accused from the first to the eighth:


– They organized a gathering of more than five people that would make the public peace in danger and was intended to commit crimes against people, public and private properties and to influence public officials in carrying out their acts by force and violence and united their will to commit these crimes.


– They formed a gang that attacked a group of residents in the area around Giza Square, the streets of the station, al Aharam street and the al Bahr al Azam street, and resisted the men of the public authority in implementing the laws as described below.


Second: The accused from the eighth to the fifteenth:


– Participated in a gathering of more than five people, which would make the public peace in danger and was intended to commit crimes against people and public and private properties and influence the members of the public authority in performing their acts by force and violence. Some carried firearms and tools used to attack people. And has signed in implementation of the intended purpose of the gathering with knowledge of the following crimes:


– They and others unknown paraded force and waved with  violence and used it against the victims, who were named by the authorities

This is associated with the crime of the previous crime of murder, because they are in the same place and time mentioned above:


– Killed and other unknown persons some victims named in the investigations.


– They began and others unknown in killing the victims, whose names are known in the investigations


– Joined the gang of the first eight defendants


– They have acquired and obtained weapons and guns that are not allowed to be licensed


– They have obtained and acquired in particular the munitions used in the aforementioned weapons, which may not be licensed to use them.


Thirdly: The defendants are from the thirteenth to the fifteenth:


They took over the leadership of a gang that attacked the population and resisted the men of public authority in implementing the laws as described in the investigations.

Articles of accusations Articles 2, 3, 3 bis, 4 of Act No. 10 of 1914,


Articles 39, 45, 46, 86, 89, 230, 231, 234, 235, 361/1, 3 and 4 of the Penal Code


Articles 375 bis and 375 bis are added by Decree Law No. 10 of 2011


And Articles 1, 6, 25 bis, 26, 30/1, of Law No. 394 of 1954 regarding weapons and ammunition.

First attended verdict date 15th September 2014
First attended verdict The Court adjudicated attended the first, second, third, fifth, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and in absentia the fourth, sixth, seventh, twelfth and fifteenth


First: Punishing Mohammed Badi Abdul Mageed Sami, Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim El Beltagy, Essam El Din Mohamed Hassan El Arian, Assem Abdel Maged Mohamed Mady, Safwa Hamouda Hegazy, Ramadan Ezzat Sabry Hassan Youssef, Anwar Ali Hassan Shaltout, Husseini Antar Mahrous Abdel Aal, Hisham Ibrahim Kamel Hassan, Gamal Fathi Yousif Al-Iraqi, Ahmed Dahi Mohammad Shaaban, Azab Mustafa Morsi Yacout, Basem Kamal Ahmed Odeh and Mohammad Ali Talha Radwan were sentenced to life imprisonment for their respective charges.

The confiscation of the seized the seized gun and other seizures and  committing them to criminal charges


Second: Expiry of the criminal case for the death of the accused Abu Dahab Hassan Mohammed Nasif.


Third: Refer civil cases to the competent civil court without expenses.

Notes The case is being heard by the Cairo Criminal Court following its return from the Court of Cassation