Journalist Hesham Gaafar case

Type Pending investigation
Case public title Journalist Hesham Gaafar case
Case number Number 720 year 2015 exclusive supreme state security
Case year 2015
Prosecution Supreme state security
Prosecutor Ahmed Al Dabee
Prosecution president Ahmed Al Dabee
Attorney General Tamer al Fergani
Public Prosecutor Nabil Sadek
Number of accused 2
Names of accused Journalist and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Mada Media Development Association Hisham Ahmed Awad Jafar

Journalist Hossam El Din El Sayed

Adverse and representation Public Prosecution
Accusations Joining a terrorist group

Accepting bribery

Articles of accusations The prosecution refused to inform the lawyers of the charges, and we were prevented from reading the papers of the case. We were informed by the charges verbally
Investigation date 22nd October 2015
Investigation decision 15 days in jail
Date of imprisonment renewal for Hossam al Sayed 3rd March 2017
Decision of imprisonment renewal for Hossam al Sayed Releasing the defendant
Date of imprisnment renewal for Hesham Gaafar 5th August 2015
Decision of imprisnment renewal for Hesham Gaafar Renewing jail for 45 days
Case file Refused to be photocopied