Wagdi Ghonein cell case

Type Felony
Case public title Wagdi Ghonein cell case
Case number number 397 year 2014 exclusive state security
Case year 2014
Court Cairo Felony court held in Police Academy
First degree judges 1- Shaaban al Shamy

2- Mohamed Kamel Abdul Sattar

3- Ossama Abdul Zaher

Number of accused 8
Accused 1 – Wagdy Ghoneim

2 – Magdi Othman Gah al Rassoul

3- Mohamed Essam El Din Hassan Bahr Abdel Mawla

4 – Mohammed Abdul Hamid Ahmed Abdul Hafiz

5 – Ahmed Mohamed Tareq Hassan Al-Henawi

6- Abdullah Eid Fayyad

7- Said Abdel-Sattar Mohammed Saeed

8. Abdullah Hisham Mahmoud Hussein

Contender and represetation Public Prosecution – accusation authority
Accusations They established a group that was established contrary to the provisions of the law. Its purpose is to call for the disruption of the provisions of the constitution and laws and to prevent state institutions and public authorities from carrying out their actions and attacks on the personal freedom of citizens and damage to national unity and social peace.The call to accuse the ruler of infidelity and the legitimacy of his overthrow. To change the regime by force and assault on members of the armed forces, the police and its installations. And the exploitation of the blood of Christians and their places of worship, the exploitation of their money and property. With the aim of disrupting public order and jeopardizing the safety and security of society
Accusation articles
First degree verdict date 30 / 4 / 2017
First degree attended verdict The court sentenced the accused Wagdi Ghoneim (fugitive) and two others to death by hanging and the life imprisonment of five accused
Case file