Killing demonstrators in Shubra Misr Police Station”819 year 2011″

Type Felony
Case public title Killing demonstrators in Shubra Misr Police Station
Case number number 819 year 2011 Shubra misdemeanor recorded under number 80 year 2011 inclusive north Cairo
Case year 2011
Prosecution North Cairo Prosecution
General Attorney Abdul Magid Mahmoud
Court North Cairo Felony
Judges Hamed Hassanein Hassanein – president


Mohamed Elwan Al Sayed

Ali Ghallab

Number of accused 1
Named of accused Samy Abdul Azim al Hennawy – Police secretary
Contender and representation Public Prosecution – accusation authority

Prosecutor of civil right: one injured

accusations attempt of murder for demonstrators of Shubra Misr Police Station on the 28th of January 2011
Articles of accusations articles number 234, 46, 45 of Penal Code
Verdict date 17th May 2012
Verdict The innocence of the accused and the referral of civil proceedings to the competent court without expenses
Court of cassation Refusal of the prosecution appeal
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