Helwan Micro bus cell

Type Felony
Case public title Helwan Micro bus cell
 case number Number 513 year 2010 – Supreme State Security Prosecution
Case year 2016
Prosecution State Security Prosecution
Court Cairo Felony
Judiciary department Department 23 north Cairo
First degree judges Hussein Qandil – President


Mohamed Said

Samy Zain al din

Number of defendants 32
Names of defendants


1. Mahmoud Mohammed Abdul Tawab Morsi

2. Ahmed Salama Ali Ashmawi

3. Mohamed Saadawi Abdo Ali Sayed

4. Mohammed Ibrahim Hamid Mohammed Abu Heiba

5. Al Hares Abdel Rahman Abu Saree Mahmoud

6. Ibrahim Ismail Mustafa

7. Abdullah Mohammed Shukri Ibrahim Abdul Maabood

8. Mahmoud Abdel Hamid Ahmed Genidi

9. Mohamed Ayman Mohamed Mounir Abdel Wahab

10. Omar Ahmed Hosni Mohamed

11. Khaled Ahmed Mahmoud Ali Nassar

12. Ahmed Adly Lotfi Ibrahim

13. Adel Imam Mohammed Imam

14. Mahmoud Ahmed Wasfi Mohammed

15. Hossam El Sayed Amin Hassan

16. Osama Ibrahim Hamid Mohammed

17. Hussein Hilal Mohammed Hussein

18. Ahmed Abdel Hamid Ahmed Genidi

19. Ammar Mohieddin Hussein Mohammed

20. Hisham Abdel Azim Mohamed Khazim

21. Islam Nour al-Din Abdel Hamid Nur al-Din

22. Mohamed Abdel Halim Mohamed Abdel Halim

23. Omar Abbas Ahmed Hassan

24. Omar Ramadan Ahmed Salem

25. Mahmoud Saeed Mahmoud Ali

26. Samir Saad Eddin Abdel Hakim

27. Sameh Saad Al-Din Abdul Hakim

28. Tarek Ali Anwar Abu Dahab

29. Hani Khamis Mohamed Abdel Moneim

30. Osama Sayed Abdel Rahim Bezar

31. Mohamed Omar Abdel Latif Bezar

32. Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Khalil Al-Saidi

Contender and representation


Public Prosecution – accusation authority


Accused from the first to the fourteenth,

They joined a group that was established contrary to the provisions of the law, whose purpose is to call for disabling the provisions of the constitution and law.


And to prevent the institutions of the state and public authorities from carrying out their actions, and to attack the personal freedom of citizens and damage to national unity and social peace.


Joining a group that accuses the governor of being a non believer and the legitimacy or disobying him. To attack the members of the armed forces and the police and their installations, and to expropriate the blood and property of Christian,  to target public facilities for the purpose of overthrowing the state, disrupting public order and endangering the safety and security of society.


Terrorism was one of the means used by this group to carry out its purposes with full knowledge.


The defendants are from the fifteenth to twenty-second,


Participated in the establishment of the group and provided the accused with shelter and meeting places, hiding firearms and facilitating the transfer of funds to its members.



The defendants from 1 to 4, from 6 to 8, 23 and 24, provided the group with material and financial aid, consisting of weapons, ammunition, equipment, machinery, money and information, knowing what the group calls for and its means.


The first and second accused:

Killed – with another deceased person – the victim, Mahmoud al-Sayyid al-Amin «a police recruiter in Giza security forces»,


In addition to starting to kill other members of the security traffic service on the agricultural road Cairo Assiut on purpose and deliberately.


Killed Magdy Ibrahim Abdel Azim and Mohamed Zareh Taha Amini, the police secretaries, in the General Administration for the Insurance of Archaeological and Tourist Areas in Giza Governorate, and other police officers deliberately and on purpose using a motocycle.


Killed the victim Saleh Fakhry Fahim Saqr «the official alert appointed in the post office of the village of Mt Rahina in Giza», and intentionally destroyed the building of the National Postal Authority.


The first and second accused,


Killed the victim Ahmed Fahmy Nasr, the officer in the General Directorate of Giza Traffic, where the first accused shot him with a barrage of bullets and then poured a “flammable” material in his possession on the body of the victim and burned him.


They also killed Mohammed Ramadan Ibrahim Abdulmakzoud, «a recruiter of the General Directorate of the passage of Giza».


The killing of Ahmed Nagi Sayed Ahmed, the police secretary of the General Directorate of Giza Traffic and appointed to the service of the crossing of Station No. 21 in the village of Al-Marazeeq in Giza.


They killed Muhammad Fathi Ali Muhammad, «shop owner in kfar Zahran», claiming allegiance to the police.


The first and second defendants and another deceased person, killed members of the security service of the General Directorate for securing the archaeological and tourist areas at the entrance of Kamel branch of the Mariouteya road in Giza governorate.


Attempt to kill the victim Mohammed Ayman Mahmoud Hendawi officer at the police station Badrashein and accompanying personnel.


The suspects were involved in the killing of the officer of the Giza Security Directorate, Ashraf Abdel Halim Ibrahim El-Deeb, and other members of the security traffic service in the Cairo Assiut agricultural road.


The accused and another person who is deceased were involved in the killing of Ibrahim Abdul Ghani Abdullah, deputy police officer of the Badrashin police station, the officers of the Center Marwan Ahmed Al-Saeed Mohammed and Ali Abdulrahman Ali.


The first and second defendants, both from the Giza terrorist cell,


They participated in the way of agreement and assistance with the accused of the Helwan terrorist cell in committing the assassination of 8 officers and personnel of the Helwan police department,


They agreed to commit the crime, providing them with firearms and ammunition, and changed the parameters of the car that had already been seized to facilitate their use. The crime was committed for terrorist purposes.



All defendants in the case committed a sabotage against a number of buildings and public property allocated to government interests,


They are involved in the theft of cash from the post office of May 8th in the city of May 15 in Cairo, of amount 82 thousand pounds,  by coercion, that they raided the office and pointed with automatic weapons to face of the employers, and terrorized them and paralyzed their resistance, and managed to seize money from the office.

Articles of accusations Non accessible
Verdict date For deliberation
Verdict For deliberation
Case file