Obliging the government to increase the infection recompense for doctors 44987 judiciary year 68

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 44987 judiciary year 68

Date: 2014

Court: Administrative judiciary

The decision appealed against: the negative decision of abstention to increase the infection recompense acquired by doctors overall the Republic

First verdict date: 28-11-2015

Appellant: Mohamed Khairi Abdul Dayem – Mohamed Abdul Gawwad Mahmoud – Yasser Sayed Abbas – Hani Mohamed Abdul Latif Mashali – Mohamed Fattouh Mohamed Awad – Mona Moein Mina Ghobrial – Rashwan Shaaban Rashwan – Ihab Mohamed Gamal Al Din Taher – Ahmed Shousha – Randa Hamed Ali – Mohamed Gamal al Din Taher – Mohamed Abdul Hamid Hassanein

The Appealed against: President of the Republic – Prime Minister – Minister of Health and Population

Judges: President –  Said Hassan al Nadi

Members – Nasser Saad Shaaban and Tarek Radwan Abdul Hamid

Verdict text: The court ruled of

First: the acceptance of the interfering adverses from the second to the twelfth except the ninth in solidarity with the first prosecutor in his capacity


acceptance of the suit in form and in subject to suspend the appealed  decision with what results from this as elaborated in the reasons, and rejecting the second request for the negation of the administrative decision and obliged the administrative body appealed against to pay expenses