Appealing against the negative decision of abstention to reserve an amount of 5 billions L.E. of the properties of the Muslim Brotherhood

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 63055 judiciary year 68

Date: 2014

Court: Administrative judiciary

Department: First

The decision appealed against:  the negative decision of abstention of the Social Solidarity Ministry to issue a decision of reservation of an amount of 5 billions L.E. temporarily under the custody of the two parties prosecuted against, the second and third, as a value of the damages caused to the public and private buildings


First verdict date: 16-12-2014

Appellant: Samir Sabri Saad al Din


The Appealed against: Minister of Social Solidarity – Public Prosecutor – First Assistant of the Minister of Justice – Heads of the  Committee of managing origins and properties of group and association of Muslim Brotherhood in execution of the verdict issued by the Urgen Matters Court each in his capacity

Judges: President – Yahya Ahmed Ragheb Dakrouri

Members: Abdul Maguid Ahmed Hassan al Moqanan and Sami Ramadan Mohamed Darwish

Verdict text: The court ruled of rejecting the suit for the negation of the administrative decision and obliged prosecutor  to pay the expenses