Requesting to suspend broadcasting TV series (al Hayawan fi al Qoran – Animals in Quran)

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 49537 judiciary year 65

Date: 2011

Court: Administrative judiciary

Department: Second

 Requests:  1- suspend broadcasting TV series (al Hayawan fi la Qoran – Animals in Quran) to prevent the damages it causes

2- cancellation of the contract between al Hayat TV channel and production company of Al Motahedin for the violation of copyright

First verdict date: 27-12-2015

Appellant: Essam Hamed Sayed Ali

The Appealed against: Head of the production sector of al Hayat TV channel – Head of al Motahedin Production company each in his capacity

Judges: President – Ahmed Mohamed Saleh al Shazly

Members: Khaled Mohamed Talaat and Tamer Youssef Taha

Verdict text: The court ruled of 1- regarding the first request to reject it in form as it is filed from a non competent party and obliged the prosecutor to pay the expenses

2- regarding the second request of its non competence in loyalty to consider it and ordered to refer to the North Cairo Primary Court and delayed the determination of the expenses