Mohab Mohamed Abdul Fattah 8860 year 2012 Abdin misdemeanors

Type: Pending investigation

Case No. case no. 8860 year 2012 Abdin misdemeanors

Case year: 2012

Adverse: Public Prosecutor

Representation: Accusation authority

Investigation Decision

Date of arrest: 19-11-2012

Date of first investigation: 20-11-2012

Decision: to be detained for four days under investigation

Date of renewal session: 2-4-2013

Public Attorney: Amr Fawzy

Public Prosecutor: Abdul Maguid Mahmoud

Prosecution President: non accessible

Prosecutors: non accessible

Prosecution: Abdin

  1. of defendants: 1


S Name Accusation Investigation decision
1 Mohab Mohamed Abdul Fattah 1- crowding 2- assaulting public employees while performing their jobs 3- cutting roads 4- setting fire and subversion of public properties 5- setting fire and subversion of private properties Release


Decision Text:

Releasing the defendant under the guarantee of his residence