Appealing against al Giza Governor’s decision no. 4792 year 2013 to dissolve the association of “Al Nuba’s children” (Abnaa al Nuba)

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 50385 judiciary year 70

Date: 2016

Court: Administrative judiciary

Department: Second

 Decision appealed against: The decision of al Giza governor no. 4792 year 2013 to dissolve the association of Abnaa al Nuba

First verdict date: 30-10-2016

Appellant: Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Saidi as the head of board of trustees of the association of Abnaa al Nuba

The Appealed against: al Giza governor – director of al Giza directorate for social solidarity each in his capacity

Judges: President – Hamdi Gebril Abo Zeid

Members: Ahmed Awad Hassan and Ali Ahmed Roshdi

Verdict text: The court ruled of the suspension the suit temporarily till the issuance of the verdict in the constitutional suit concerning the constitutionality of the article 42 of the NGO law issued of law no. 84/2002 referred to the court in session dated 30-7-2016 attached in the suit papers no. 19726 judiciary year 70.