Requesting to suspend and freeze Egyptian Premier League for soccer season 2013/2014 to preserve citizens’ security and safety

Type: Administrative cancellation and other administrative claims

Case no.: 18855 judiciary year 68

Date: 2013

Court: Administrative judiciary

Department: Second

Decision appealed against: To suspend and freeze the Egyptian premier league for soccer season 2013/2014 as the Egyptian State undergoes plenty of inner and outside conspiracies, every night a dear person dies whether from the army or the police or civilians. Egyptian people are still grieving the deaths took place in the Portsaid Stadium massacre in which more than seventy young men were killed. The prosecutor added that practicing such an activity jeopardizes the lives of the players and the fans thus, the security and safety of citizens require to suspend and freeze this activity


First verdict date: 26-03-2017


Appellant: Gamal Abdul Hamid Taha Mohamed al Alawi


The Appealed against: Minister of Sports – Minister of Interior Affairs – Head of the Egyptian Football Union each in his capacity

Judges: President – Sami Mohamed Hassan Abdul Hamid

Members: Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Samad and Hassan Ahmed Shawk

Verdict text: The court ruled of rejecting the suit for the negation of the interest and obliged the prosecutor to pay expenses