Andrew Nassif Noshi

Type Misdemeanor
Public title for the case Andrew Nassif Noshi
Case number number 27900 for year 2017 Zaqaziq misdemeanor center

number 1692 for year 2017 inclusive south Zaqaziq

Case year 2017
Court Zaqaziq misdemeanor
Department first
Number of accused 1
Named of accused Andrew Nassif Noshi
Contender and representation Public prosecutor – accusation authority
Accusation Prepared to promote the commission of terrorist crimes by writing, that he had obtained editorials containing ideas and beliefs calling for committing acts of violence as described in the investigations
Articles of accusations Articles 1, c, 9, 10, 28, 1/2, 37 and 39 of Decree Law No. 94 of 2015, promulgating the Anti-Terrorism Law
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