Pulic Title for the case: Banning the Islamic State Organization (ISIS – Daeish)

Type: Civil

Case no.: 2714 year 2014 urgent Cairo

Case year: 2014

Court: Cairo Urgent Court

Department: First

Requests: Banning the Islamic State organization (ISIS) and listing whoever belongs to it inside the Arab Republic of Egypt in the terrorism list and informing the states which signed on the combating terrorism agreement about this person

First Verdict

Date: 30-11-2014

Prosecutor: Ahmed Ibrahim Salman

prosecuted against: The President – Prime Minister – Minister of Interior Affairs – Public Prosecutor – Minister of Justice – Minister of Foreign Affairs – President of the National Defense Council  each in his capacity

Judges: President – Mohamed Al Sayed


The court ruled in the urgent article: to ban the Islamic State In Iraq and Sham organization (ISIS)  inside the Arab Republic of Egypt and listing it as  terrorist group and considering whoever joins it or assist it or support it as a terrorist person and obliging the prosecuted against to take all measures in their capacity to execute this verdict and obliged them to pay expeneses