Gamal Zeidan Goweili 2796 year 2017 Shubra Khit centre crimes

Type: Felony

Case no.: 2796 year 2017 Shubra Khit centre crimes registered no. 82  inclusive South

Case year: 2017

Adverse: Public Prosecutor

Representation: Accusation authority

Notes: trial of Mubarak regime’s symbols

First Verdict


Judges: President – Ossama Akef Ahmed Qobeissi

Members – Ihab Mostafa Ibrahim and Abdul Salam Abdul Ghafour al Kholi

Court: Damanhour Criminal Court

Department: 7 partial

No. of Defendants: 11

Accusations: 1- joining a terrorist group 2- verbal and actual promoting for the aims of the group mentioned in the first accusation 3- crowding resulting: (parading force and waving with violence) 4- planning for crowding aiming to commit crimes 5- participating in a demonstration without notification resulting (a- violating public security 2- hindering interests of citizens and jeopardizing it c- assaulting public properties) 6- organizing a demonstration mentioned in the fifth accusation

S Names Verdict Attending  – in absentia
     1. Gamal Zeidan Aql Goweili acquittal In absentia
     2. Mohamed Ismail Youssef Ibrahim al Tohfa acquittal In absentia
     3. Ashraf Abdul Rahim Abo Zeid al Qahwagi acquittal In absentia
     4. Attiya Mohamed Khafagi Seif al Din acquittal In absentia
     5. Hussein Ahmed Hussein Kamel Youssef acquittal In absentia
     6. Ismail al Sayed Hassan Abo Shahba acquittal In absentia
     7. Kamal Ali Abdul Fattah Abo al Kheir acquittal In absentia
     8. Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Awad acquittal Attending
     9. Shaaban Fathi Youssef al Saadni acquittal Attending
 10. Mohamed Abdullah Abdul Wahed Al Sanadidi acquittal In absentia
 11. Salah Abdul Raof Goweili acquittal In absentia


Verdict Text:

the court ruled in absentia of all defendants and in the attendance of the eighth and ninth defendants of the acquittal of all defendants